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Not read it myself, may be….

Before your venture out into the sea of dating
give yourself a check up from the neck up and
all the way around. I don’t mean go rush off to
the doctor.

Stand in front the mirror and look at yourself.

Take stock of what you see, where do you excel
and what areas can you improve.

Now be honest where are you on the scale of
1 to 10 ?

Look at your face, body, style, personality and

Try to see yourself the way others will see you.

This scale can slide a little, maybe your physical
score is a 6 while being smart, holding a good
conversation, and making people laugh can
push your personality score to a 9. Personality
goes a long way.

We all need to laugh so being outgoing and
witty means a lot. Style makes heads turn
and you don’t have to break the bank to show
good fashion sense.

You may not go out and land a date that is
a 9 or 10 all the time but that is the reason
to give yourself a check up.

Don’t go setting your standard too high, it
only sets you up for rejection.

Remember no matter where you are on that
scale from 1 to 10 there is always someone
out there for everyone.


We have to be complete in ourselves
before we can share ourselves with

Don’t look for what you may feel is missing
in yourself from someone else.



  1. ‘Don’t look for what you may feel is missing in yourself from someone else’. At the end of Jerry Maguire, “I love you. You complete me”…okay that was wrong?! Being over confident or too pessimistic also negates the possibility of finding a date. There is someone out there for everyone? how about the people who are meant to be single?

  2. hhhmmm meant to be single?!? that must be yo, it’s applicable for only buggable people hihiihi

  3. ahaaaa… someone had a date..

  4. who did you mean rinnie? yourself??!?!? hihihihi

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