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so you lay down motionless on the ground, drops of blood here & there & yeah, a pool of blood right near your heart, you can still feel the hot penetrative metal bullet in your body, you can see the blood running outta it, another breath & that was the last.
now your body’s all dead & you’re jus standing outta it, time to say good bye to your body. once it used to belong to you, it was all up to you to make it go to places it didnt want, watch things it hated, touch disgusting things,….
& now it’s all there, on its own, not listening to you at all & you’re standing there naked , hey hey it’s not a nightmare, wake up. the game’s over. open your eyes, look, listen, touch on by your own senses.
now you can hear the sirens, you can see the guys out there, it’s been a while since they arrived and you were so busy saying farewell that you didnt noticed your surroundings.
come closer, take a thorough look, yeah, good. so you got the point that your shooter stole your vallet too, no identity anymore. may be later they find out who the fuck you were, a real bitch that nobody cares about you, sooner or later they’re gonna close your file without finding the murderer, you were a worthless asshole, who would care about you?
Go to hell now cos nobody will ask Lord for RIP for your soul.
heyyyyyyy, i didnt mean that kinda firing, i wanted to thank those bastards for giving me the sack. Perverts, fuckwits,retards…$#%#^#$^
im a real jerkass at work but those who can fuck the shit outta me & make me quit are real @$$holes, i swear.
ok, let’s forget about the extra K bucks, at least im back home, a caring wife & a naughty kid all together. you know sometimes the money’s not worth the trouble.
let’s get down to business aka cooking dinner.
btw anybody knows how i can turn off the faucet in the sky, these endless rains are drowning Ak.


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