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“Sales Call”
A salesman telephoned a household, and a four-year-old boy answered. Salesman: “May I speak to your mother?”
Boy: “She’s not here right now.”
Salesman: “Well, is anyone else there?”
Boy: “My sister.”
Salesman: “O.K., fine. May I speak to her?”
Boy: “I guess so.”
At this point there was a very long silence on the phone.
Boy: “Hello?”
Salesman: “It’s you. I thought you were going to call your sister.”
Boy: “I tried. But I can’t get her out of the playpen.”
First Dental Exam”
A shy little 4-year-old came in to the dentist for his first cleaning and check-up. The hygienist tried to strike up a conversation but no response. After the cleaning, the dentist was called in to do the final check.
The dentist tried to strike up a conversation as well. “How old are you?” No response.
The dentist then asked, “Don’t you know how old you are?”
Immediately four tiny fingers went up. “Oh,” replied the dentist, “and do you know how old that is?”
Four little fingers went up once again.
Continuing the effort to get a response, the dentist asked, “Can you talk?”
The solemn little patient looked at him and asked, “Can you count?”


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  1. Maybe one day your Alex will be a smart one too (she is already).

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