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kitties are cute, no doubt. may be much better than dogs, actually you dont need to be reminded of your idiotic acts 24 hours ( the actual mean of keeping dogs).
back to kitties, those who know me well are aware of the fact how much i hate animals let alone keeping them as pets, they’re jus good as shooting objects otherwise im allergic to them.i guess my hatred of cats is not all cos of allergy but some bitter childhood memory.i can remember the first school bag my mom bought me was a blue one with a “kitty the cat” on it& hell i hated that bag, it was so much girlish, by the end of the first month i managed to tore that bag in a way that mom had to buy me another one.

when i was younger i hoped the allergy vanish as i grow up but it didnt, so no matter how much wife loves keeping an animal as a pet, she doesnt dare doing it when im around cos she gotta tolerate my bad moods & i guess it’s not worth it.
now with me away from home, my dear wife took advantage of my absence & invited a homeless kitten to our place. (well it wasnt really homeless, actually it was a trained little cat that belonged to a teen now moved to another city & her parents were trying to get rid of her kittens.)
so this little kitten- let’s call it “lick fcuk”-came to live in my used to be comfy home & you had no idea how happy meg was when talking about this cursed creature, i bet she wasnt this happy when she married me hihihihi
so she was telling me about how nice & cute & yada yada yada that cat was when outta blue she hung up on me. i was like:”wtf” for 10 minutes till she called back.
apparently “lick fcuk” tried to get into alexis’ box (her precious possession, the place you cant go there without her permission) & then alexis stopped playing with her toys & ran to her box with the velocity of light to defend her territory.
so the most baneful deadly bloodshed in the history started, that’s actually the time mom had to act quick.
now “lick fcuk” is homeless again ,nobody’s killed & everything ‘s back to normal. im extremely thankful to alexis for kicking that creature outta home.
i love her lots,surely ” like father like daughter” is so true about me & her hihihihi


One Comment

  1. Poor Meg. 😀

    That is funny. Kids certainly get possessive and a young age huh?

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