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getting up this morning, lots of things werent in their right place, i slept in a shrunk bed, more like sleeping in alexis’ crib. in the distance i could hear voices, apparently i was the last to wake up. im so used to alexis morning “get up” songs that i felt i could get back to sleep cos it was still early. but after a long struggle at last i managed to overcome the sleeping beast.
thanks to me beibg so tired last night that i had no time for breakfast. so i had to get ready in a flash of light & then i remembered i really need a shower, so where’s my towel?!? no idea, everybody else was ready, who’s still wandering round the place aimlessly?!! well that’s me.
no towel, no shower (honestly i was so sleepy i was afraid of touching water cos it’d wake me up!)
thanks heavens at last i managed to find some clothes or i really had to go to work naked.
so after a long struggle (almost 5 minutes) me was ready waiting outside for the last guy to join. then car pool! ok thanks i’ll get in any auto you show me, i really dont wanna drive, i wanna sleep.
now the first day at work’s over. almost everyone in the office knows me cos im the guy who handed the boss my half empty cup of coffee before shaking hands with him & again im that guy who crashed into a glass door & gave everyone a heart-attack. ( you have no idea how sleepy i was)
now im sitting here with puffy red eyes & cant sleep. jus waiting for the clock to strike 9 & hear my cellphone ringing.
evidently, everyone’s used to me by now, i gotta think of a name for myself before others giving me names. & i better go to bed early cos i dont wanna let that glass thing hit me again.
conclusion: & life sucks, im staring at the clock miles away from my fam, having not much to do except wondering about what they are doin at the moment. foolishly im home sick.
ps: im sure im gonna feel a lot better as soon as i meet a nice lady yoahahahaha



  1. So where are you? Away from your fam…..job away from home?


  2. yes WTF! WTH! What a waste of time. but not much away from home, jus an hour, but im so used to living in a small city. i dont like big ones anymore & besides i cant go home much cos it’s gonna cost me over 600bucks each time

  3. Oh new job, hope you get used to it soon and find something more interesting to do so you don’t fall asleep. I’m sure the glass thing won’t hit you again, you might hit it 🙂

  4. yeah right, it didnt hit me again, i jus bumped into it 2 more times till i could find something to stick there as a warning, fuck it for almost breaking my nose, now everyone knows me pretty well & i got my own nickname. now im wondering i could earn more if i worked as a clown than an engineer, im gonna apply for that job next time!

  5. now, ain’t that interestin’?! working as a clown?! haha :p

  6. wanna be my assistant?

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