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so i was trying to make my mind & write a post about my many new experiences & new friends, but……

i have a new feeling. the stomachache left me for several minutes & then came back with a surprise. now i have a killing pain in my chest. never mind, whenever it gets to my mind, i know im dead.

quote:” fasting’s a great experience, random pains’re greater.”

to do list: do the shopping, do the cleaning, kick boss’ ass for giving me so much work & not enough money…..

latest discovery: at alst i know where all those stomachache comes from, i should have taken pregnancy test earlier, but no need anymore, im gonna give birth to something any day, i jus hope it wont be ET,the Extra-Terrestrial



  1. Does your ulcer medication not work? You need to go back to the doctor!

  2. Why are you always ill? Humm…by the way, I like your new layout.

  3. sandra, did you have a chat with meg trying to convince me to go to the doc? the medication’s fine, the patient’s a jerkass by not taking it 🙂
    bablefish, thanks you can change your layout too, & im not always ill, it’s jus the stomachache that’s bugging me & with the fastin it got worst

  4. No I didn’t chat with Meg…it is an inate female thing.

  5. im a toad, im a toad, kiss me princess so i can be human again, yohahahahaha
    & it’s none of your business to tell me what name to use to sign my posts, smto!

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