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to answer the question:”do you ever wonder if your readers understand your entries?

honestly no, i hardly know what i write, actually 90% of times i have no idea what im doing in my life ,not to mention, writing is part of my life.

there are a few things i know.

1. this blog’s a whole crap-based web page

2. writing about personal life is one of the most stupid (difficult) things, nobody cares about what the hell im doing, how my demon grow up, how i deal with my in-laws or what a hell i do at work. people want to read things they dont know anything about or a few, something new, yeah they can read newspapers & im not so fond of alaska that dedicate all my entries writing about life here. wanna know how’s alaska like? ok move here & experience it yourself. may be you can sign a contract with mosquitoes here so they only bite you at work or jus bother you when you’re watching tv. i couldnt find their queen to find a solution to their endless bites & im quite used to the itchy spots on my body.

3.though it may sound interesting for me, i doubt many people enjoy instant changes in mood. there’s a simple word for it ,”bipolar.”

4. to the few readers, thanks so much for tolerating me, im gonna try my best to focus on a few subjects & only post in those categories.

quote:”life is a marathon for testing your toleration, the more you tolerate people the closer they get to you, so moms have the highest toleration for their kids.”

PS: thanks to for reminding things the basic roles for blogging



  1. Nah, no rules to blogging I don’t mind what you blog about it’s still fun to read 🙂

  2. I always understand what you blog about….now what does that say about me? 😀

  3. bablefish: thanks
    sandra: guess#1 you’re smart, guess # 2 you’re used ro dealing with crazy people, guess #3 you’re mad like me. 😉

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