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some people are born losers, some are born to make others lose what they have.
the only great thing in this world of violance is ….. hmmmm gotta think about it but surely it’s not a ranting wife.

new decision: im not gonna (read cant) buy any creature with 4 wheels till the end of october, im not gonna eat some one else’s ice-cream (though it’s been in the freezer for over 2 weeks), im gonna use the “IS” part of alex’s name cos she’s a she (decided by mom in law)
conclusion: soooooo im gonna take Alexis for a walk aka running & falling & moving all the mud from the ground to her clothes ( i really have no idea how she can get so dirty, the only possible way’s putting the mud directly on her clean clothes) & then making mom nuts & being punished by taking a bath with dad, not too bad for a weekend to start.



  1. Aren’t babies the greatest? It is the JOB to get dirty and drive parents nuts. Mine have done a fine job of it….the making parents nuts anyhow.

  2. well alex is quite an expert then, do these babies need education on this matter?!?

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