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i’ve always loved babies, i didnt care babysitting neighbors’ kids cos at least i didnt get bored for a while & besides the money wasnt so bad. but i never thought of having one of those little creatures of my own, the older i grew, the more i doubted it.
i still remember my fear to face alex for the first time;” what if she hates me”, was the thing i always asked.
seems i was wrong, again judging without enough evidence. though she’s so small (jus 13 months ol), she loves her parents a lot (so much that she never hugs other people & cries around strangers), she’s so genius & extremely naughty & i swear she knows lots of tricks to get what she wants, well i know were those genes came from hihihi
unlike moms, dads (or may be me) dont take things serious, so when she wanna play, i let her do it.
a few times me & meg bathed alex together & it was horrible, at that time i understood why she stares like that at me whenever she senses i wanna take a bath, it’s more fun with dad, it’s singing & playing & swimming in the tub(& no washing hihihi), but mom, uurrggghhhh she wanna clean all those germs & dirts, sometimes it’s painful & mom doesnt have anytime for playing.
unfortunately alex’s not always lucky and most of the times it’s mom who washes her cos as usual dad’s late for work & no time for bathing the little wateraholic demon.
another thing alex loves a lot is sticking her tongue out at strangers, the thing mom hates a lot & dad doesnt. when mom’s not around, me & alex spend a good time sticking our tongues out at each other, she looks so cute, may be that’s why you can see those words even in my mails (smto=sticking my tongue out).
but there’s one thing that’s always no-no , picking nose, it’s one of the few things i think’s both dirty & impolite, i think alex’s been punished enough (no snacks-no going out- no playing with toys) for it that she doesnt do it anymore.
so a little girl can stop picking her nose, but i dunno why some guys cant do the same, hey you’re a grown-up man, so you better not to pick your nose in public, i really dont like watching you playing with that sticky disgusting substance aka snot.
back to alex; there’s only one thing about alex that i havent figured out yet & that’s sucking her fingers , specially her thumbs. i tasted her little fingers a few times & honestly it tasted like eeerrrr her saliva *~*. the results of this experiment’s :
1. alex doesnt like to suck other people’s fingers anymore, jus her owns (but when she was teething, she liked anything, great improvement)
2. she stops sucking her thumbs for a while whenever daddy bites them.
conclusion: i think i gotta write a manual so i can deal with the next baby easier!
PS: i knew i wanted to write about my in-laws but they’re too good that i couldnt find the proper words so i gave up the whole idea. honestly i have no idea how they can tolerate a son-in-law like me cos sometimes im sick of myself,(sun-of-a-beach!). the only guess i can make is im a lot better than i & you can imagine, hihihihi
PPS:if you think there’s something wrong with my mind, wellll you’re right, im so in love with my family



  1. that your neighbours kid or Alex? I guess not many guys like kids and it’s great that you do and the second one is on the way! Make sure you don’t spoil the little ones too much though, when they are older you will have a serious hard time. Don’t you watch Brat Camp? (hehee)

  2. i dunno who’s that baby. i feel unsecure posting pics of my family 🙂
    & thanks for mentioning, i know aliens stole me & changed my brain with a magical broom. & though i dont watch tv, i really hate brats so im gonna do my best not to spoil alex, any idea to help me?!

  3. “just say no”

  4. syron, jus say no to what?

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