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sometimes i wonder about not knowing what to wonder about.

now im thinking about the many times i judge people wrong. thanks heaven those guys didnt judge me wrong at least or the world would orbit round moon!

im trying to write a post about the miracle of having understanding in-laws, hope they stay with us till spring, they’re great help. i try my best to make them stay, even by chaining them yohahaaha 



  1. ughh.. you are so mean!!

  2. Who are you and what did you do with Keith?

  3. rinnie: smto, you’re so mean
    sandra: if talking about rinnie she’s my e-sister

  4. Hi Sandra..! *Waving hand*
    I didn’t do anything to Keith, maybe you should ask, what Keith has done to me?

  5. i was TALKING TO you Keith. I’ll explain later.

  6. rinnie: go to hell

    sandra: talking to me?!?! omg, there must be something wrong with my mind or may be yours, but yes you gotta explain!d’ahhhhh

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