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1. taking a look at your calender & you’ll realize in 4 days time we’re gonna have another 9/11, 5 fucking years & i have heard enough about it, so probably no post on that day or it wont be anything about the one mentioned above. media always fuck up everything that makes me try not to write about the stuff they’re shitting with their nonsense though i like to.
let’s make it explicit, i have no idea why they think showing a video of my dear friend mr Bin Laden talking to that asshole Binalshibh can be beneficial to me. i dunno what they gain by bitching about such a good fella like Bin Laden whom i doubt he’s still alive, God bless his soul anyway. so if “Iraq’s al Qaeda orders Muslims to kill Americans” is true, then all i can think is “fight fire with fire”. i wanna join al Qaeda, where should i sign?!?
conclusion:you fags better try to put on a better make up cos im dammed tired of your freaking news.

2. now it’s time to take a look at your dictionary, as it must say sometimes a thick cloud of very small water drops can make difficulties for you to see your surroundings, when this fluffy bouncy piece of water shits touch everything , you better take your glasses off & use your hands, sometimes it’s painful, sometimes you take wrong directions & sometimes you discover you’ve been orbiting round your home & really late for work. on a more stupid situation, you walk on a very steep road with 60% slope & suddenly you realize a change in your path, you have stepped on an invisible road that means you gotta have wings to continue your way, but dont worry as soon as you hit the ground you’d grow fabulous wings.
conclusion: i hate foggy days, specially when you gotta tolerate fog till noon for 2 months, i moving to wherever i may roam

3. let’s talk about something else, no i dont wanna talk about fruits, the only thing i have in my mind is the similarities between fig wasps & mosquitos living here, personally i dont have any problem with flying creatures but when they wanna dig a hole in my body,i feel quite uncomfortable, worst than that i dont think trying to talk to me by going to my ears or help me breathe by entering my nostril while im asleep is a good idea.
conclusion: you mothafcuke mosquito get outta my way or next night im gonna catch you, sing you a lullaby & as soon as you fall asleep im gonna shake you so hard that you pike your guts, hhhmmm i couldnt think of anything about fig

4. with the help of a british friend i found another word to rant about. i really wanted to talk about the many disadvantages of fug & it’s effect on brain but i have no time. so i only talk about the not very new problem with the little demon. i’ve thought of a new name for her “Alexis Chan”. though she hasnt lived on this planet more than 12 months, 3 weeks & 4 days, she’s a pro in kung fu. im so proud of her but she’s making everything look a bit complicated. i love her so much for starting most of the punch-ups in her day care, i know she can protect herself against all those demons but that means we gotta find another place or person to look after her while we’re away pretending to work.
i really have no idea why she likes fighting with other babies, she looks so well-behaved while me or meg is around but as soon as we disappear from her sight, all the horrible devilish thoughts attacks her mind & she changes to an uncontrolable kid.
conclusion: i’d better offer my in-laws a babysitting career,hhhmmmm if only i had a pot of gold or finding a lost hidden treasure box wont be too bad, sighhhhhhhhhh. i have no idea how to deal with this little beast & i dunno how my parents dealt with me so like a very responsible dad, i let wife handle this prob!

5. i wont post till i find another pile of rhyming words.
word to ponder: i wish i could figure out why someone looked for “men who own cats” & ended up in my blog, oh God please forgive my wrong deeds, im sorry for running over neighbor’s cat & felt such a joy,when i was young.”



  1. Having just been married 6 months ago, many of yours posts about your marriage hit close to home with me – I promise there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

  2. even though it may not seem like it at times…………

  3. hhhmmm do you mean your life’s as creepy as mine & you have a moron husband like me?!
    btw i cant see any rainbow so i better forget about the pot & make dinner, hihihihi

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