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To the sister i’ve never met
how long i know you? not really long.
how much i know you? as much as you told me
how much i love you?as much as im allowed to love a sibling
may be sometimes we dont understand each other, may be sometimes we hate each other for stupid deeds of the other, may be some times we cant trust each other much, may be sometimes we look so unreal, so virtual so outta reach, may be sometimes we’re not around when needed, may be sometimes we cant be a shouldr to cry on, may be sometimes we cant find the right word to sooth the other’s pain, may be sometimes we sound selfish & ignorant but we’re siblings, we’re friends, we’re virtual but whatever whoever we are, we’re humans, we breathe, we work, we sleep, we love, we hate & we share, we cant touch each other but we can teach & learn, we can help each other through sad times & express our happiness during other’s good times.

there are times i hate you for having so many things to do, for not being in the mood to write to me or only share your good memories when it’s outta date, for writing in a language i dont understand. i hate the times i go to your blog & i have no idea what’s written there, i feel you’re so mean. but im never tired of your questions cos you’re as nosey as i am, you’re the one i can bitch about my wife & boss, i hate you when you tell me it was my fault when something goes wrong & you’re right but it’s ok, you never get tired of my long mails, my crazy thoughts , my complaints.
you’re great & im so thankful for having you in my mailbox, but please dont call me ” beloved garbage” i feel i have to take shower,jus kidding, smto

this part’s written by my e-sister
“I was in a place, not waiting or hoping anyone to come. Then suddenly, a box fell from up above with nice paper and it was so colorful. I was afraid to open it, coz that box is not mine though I was so curious, God said it’s for me; I can open it anytime I want. Then in the beginning of this year, I decided to open that box.
I opened it carefully; I didn’t want to damage the box and the paper. I like the paper. Then when I open it I found a miracle, I found you.”

conclusion: aint e-pals great? somehow they are, but there’s nothing better than naughty baby, loving wife, warm home, hot coffee & a comfy bed, omg thanks for getting home in one piece, you cant imagine how much i love being home again, how much im afraid of flights & how much my trip to dc sucked, im not gonna go to anywhere with only 50 bucks in my pocket eventhough i have the tickets back home. aha i love living in small cities like bethel, i was quite lost in subway, i had to take bus, taxi or get on train for wharever i wanted to go & i knew none of the people i met, what a pity! i better go fishing oooppps i mean work.



  1. she sounds like a real nice person

  2. yes john, she really is, but unfortunately im married, hihihihi

  3. You’re a bad boy. You know you are fortunate to have Meg and Alex! 😀 Don’t go to DC again without them.

  4. Yeah.. she sounds nice.
    Pass on my regards to that girl.

  5. rinnie, you better DIY, & smto at you & her, she jus sounds nice hihihi
    sandra: may be i’m a bad boy (hellboy) but i couldnt take my family to dc i didnt go there for vacation, it was a working trip, nothing more, (im not yet a acting-senator hihihi), btw i guess there’s a misunderstanding, i didnt meet any beautiful girl there, if i had, i wouldnt get back home 😆

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