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We all have such hectic schedules.
Life has placed so many demands on us so where does that leave time for the little things ?
The little things that make the difference.
We all are guilty of a little bit of neglect to our partner sometimes even maybe in the sex department.
Your just so tired from your career and taking care of the kids that sometimes we just need to take a step back and see what is really important.
Make a date with your partner, a nice dinner, maybe a movie, but if that is impossible, put the kids to bed early, turn the phones off, and head to a private place in your home, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the bedroom, any cozy spot in the house will do.
Sometimes that could be where the most fond memories are made.
After all, you married each other to be together.

Take time to make time



  1. That is beautiful. Be happy. 😀

  2. Aww..isn’t that sweet? Your wife must be so happy.

  3. Good advice. Sometimes slowing down actually lets you get more done. More important things anyway.

  4. hhhmmm this weekend was planned for good means but………
    poor me, they dont let me rest a bit & nope my wife’s quite angry 😦
    & yes mr angry, wish i had that time myself

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