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notice:the blogger(‘s mind) was poisoned…….
This month is over, not yet. A few more hours & it’d probably be over.
another august, passed, gone, finished & dumped in my memories. i never liked august cos it’s followed by september, month of schools. there’s no school anymore for me, or at least im old enough to decide whether to go or not, or am i?
i was always terrified of getting stuck at school forever, i never dreamed to become a teacher, im not really good at transferring the data in my brain to some else’s brain via cable or whatever, so nobody asked me to do that job, but i realized im still at school , im still student and dunno why but im still in the very frist years, seems i failed without noticing. i have no idea who’s the teacher but i know he’s a very strict guy that hates me not.
& again, it’s the end of august, tomorrow’s the first day of september, a start for lots of people & surely me. my teacher tried to teach me many things, i did learn a bit & there are more. he took many exams & i guess i failed in many of them, but i have to wait for years till i can see my report card.
this august  was different from other month, i experienced many new things, but … errrr dunno how to finish this sentence. never mind when you let your fucking ego type whatever crap it wants then everything turns like above.
conclusion: my lunch time’s over & i wanna get back to work, another month finished & it means im a month older & approached my birthday, yippeee??!! or  may be not. i like ER months, septembER,OctobER,novembER, decembER & then comes winter, my favorite season of all year, christmas, snow, hollidays, & then spring, im dying to see next spring with all the flowers & green trees that’s followed by summer, then again august, ouch dumbass ego get outta my mind.
so……, “So” is my popular word used when wife talked over hours & i’ve lost all my logics,feeling numb & dizzy , the wisest word i can use is “SO” that leads to another 2-3 hours talking or just the lovely sentence of ” you weren’t listening, d’aaahhhh, im not gonna repeat ’em again”. the next word in my mind would be” thanks”.
no this post wont lead to anywhere, i cant control the flue?!? or flow of my mind. this month’s not yet finish & i can still feel the so many up & downs it is giving me but if i spend a few more seconds my boss gonna kill me with a paper clip.
while chatting with a guy i barely know (ouch i talked to strangers, oh sorry mom), he insisted that im a FEmale, this morning i didnt have time to take a look at myself  in the mirror but now im not really sure what i am, guess im losing my mind or maybe something worst. i feel like being lost not.
ooooouuuuccchh, gotta go back to work, eeerrr i thought wp was filtered at work, why it loaded then?!?!??!*~*
so to end this month, today i realized why i couldnt join army, i promise not next month would be better.

now playing: BJ’s Everyday
“Joining the Army”
As the family gathered for a big dinner together, the youngest son had an announcement to make: He’d just signed up at an army recruiter’s office. There were audible gasps around the table, then some laughter, as his older brothers shared their disbelief that he could handle this new situation.
“Oh, come on, quit pulling our legs,” snickered one. “You didn’t really do that, did you?” “I’m positive you’d never get through basic training,” scoffed another.
The new recruit looked to his mother for help; but she was just gazing at him.When she finally spoke, it was to voice a single question. “Do you really plan to make your own bed every morning?”



  1. WHAT?!! You hate AUGUST?! It’s my birth month!

  2. that’s the only reason i hate it hihihihihi, smto back!

  3. So, the only reason is me?
    Gee…! Poor me!
    I hate December as well, especialy 7th Dec.

  4. You are a very sick boy loving winter. 😀

    Now that the temperatures are down to the 90’s in the daytime I love summer in Texas. 😀 yes my brains have been fried.

  5. rinnie:me too, i hate 7th december & more than that YOU!
    sandra: well i love winter but not here’s winter, in my dreamed winter the temperater’s 60-100, the kinda winter happy chick has, oh how much i miss above 100 degree, i couldnt imagine im gonna miss being bbqed

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