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everything she has, is so small,  a XXXXsmall creature, small hands, small feet, small clothes, small nose, small ears but big eyes, seems she’s videotaping everything with them & her little mouth & tiny lips ready to taste whatever new on her way. sometimes i spend hours watching her playing with her little toys. sometimes i cant believe this little small amazing creature is mine. sometimes she spends a while looking at me and wondering :”that huge creature is mine, he’s gonna gimme a ride round the room if i smile at him & give him a little kiss.” she’s so genius in her little way.
and this little creature has her own little home, a big box where she can sit, stand and play there. her little place, her shelter,her throne, a place no one can enter without her permission, somewhere to fall asleep while mom & dad are talking, somewhere to hide .
like many other small babies, alex has her own box, we gave it to her on her first birthday & it’s such a comfy place for playing & spreading with little tiny toys that mom never let her scatter in the living-room.
so the other day i was sitting on the floor trying to solve some financial problems with my calculator, when someone knocked on the door, a little chat & i forgot everything i was doing & went to kitchen to have dinner. the next day i couldnt find my calculator & some of my papers. i thought wife’s put ’em on my desk but she hasnt. i spend a while looking for my lost things but couldnt find it.
yesterday afternoon i was dozing off on the sofa, when i felt someone walking on my lap. there’s only one person in our house with that little size. i had a terrible day full of stomachaches & with so many painkillers i took ,i felt a bit dizzy & not really feeling like playing. but the girl is as stubborn as her dad, she wont give up till she gets what she wants, so after taking a few unstable steps, she thought of pulling hair, at least she could make me open my eyes for a while. omg it was one of her bad days, she wanted to be naughty, her mom was out shopping & her lazy dad didnt want to play. a good girl would stop bothering her dad & play with her toys, but alex aint a good little girl, she’s my little demon. so it was time for punishment, she used her only & worst torturing instrument, her ugly bald doll. once you make her angry, she starts to hit you with her ugly beloved doll, not once or twice, she hits you till her last breath. so i had no chance to win the unfair fight. on to the floor waiting for her to sit, like an experienced cowboy she jumped on her sassy disobedient horse. sometimes i wonder why i let her do things like this to me, i think im spoiling her. so after a few rounds, i put her down & let her run triumphantly around the room. then she went straight to her box & after a few minutes came out with my lost papers & calculator, seems it was my gift for being a good dad. well my papers were not readable anymore cos they’ve been wadded, torn, chewed & some parts digested in her little stomach but it seems she didnt have enough time to do any harm to the calculator. i was wondering whatelse she has there but i cant go there without her permission so that means i have to give more rides today, alas.
today’s ponder:”The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused.”
– Shirley MacLaine



  1. Hah.. she makes me also curious, beside calculator and yer paper, what else she hides inside her box?

  2. That is a beautiful story….Alex is a smart girl!

  3. rinnie, come here & im sure she’s gonna take you to her box
    sandra, yes she’s a smart girl, sighhhh, im sure she can kill me with her words as soon as she finds her way to communicate in english 😦

  4. Oh my goodness isn’t she smart? come on, you are letting her run the house!

  5. yes i know, poor me 😦

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