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10-15 peaches (when stoned it weighs around 1.1 kg  )
1 kg sugar
1 pot
1 stove (you can make fire if you are robinson crusoe)
1 naughty kid
1 pair of parents
several worms in a yard

first you have to buy peaches, then wash ’em , put ’em in the fridge, then eat some of them to test the taste
then turn on the tv, (you can do it without watching tv) stone the peaches. to stone a peach you have to use a knife, cut a vertical circle round the peach then halve it, use your fingers to take out the pit. after that chop each peach to 5-6 parts. (you can remove the skin if you like). when finished with all those peaches, put ’em in a mixer and crush it. then put the mix in a pot, add sugar, turn on the stove and get outta kitchen. now it’s time for playing. first you gotta make sure mom’s not around, then take your baby girl/boy to the yard, dig a hole and pour some water and wait, in a few minutes you can see some earthworm saying hello. then pick up 2-3 worms and put ’em on a big leaf, time for stories. at this time probably mom would come and you can ask her to join. as soon as the game’s finished, mom’s gonna run to the kitchen and then you can hear her yelling. well now your burned jam’s ready, put it in several jars and then into the fridge. if you dont have a fridge, dont worry. put the jars in the hole you dug, winter’s coming.



  1. Oh No!!

  2. Now THAT is funny.

  3. What a funny story, and yet another Keith burnt food speciality 🙂

  4. rinnie, oh yeahhhh. btw what happened to the flu?
    sandra, dont you wanna give it a try, it tastes good 🙂
    cruststation:i swear it wasnt my fault 😉

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