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what is salvation? aint it something we seek all our lives? so outta reach yet so close?
ain’t salvation a kind of realization? realization about where we have to go, why we are created, who our creator is.
human is a simply complicated creature, something with lots of capabilities, to be worst than a beast or to be better than an angel. we have seen both sides of our own nature cos we are not pure. we go through 3 simple steps: born, live, die. nobody remember where he/she was before stepping on this planet, did we exist or it was just the 9 months living in our moms’ body? it looks quite like a parasite, living in someone’s body to begin life, then what a sordid creature we are.
ok we’re born the next step is living, we can continue our parasite life forever or try to have our own home. and then it’s death. the mysterious, dreadful, sad ending of our lives. but is it the end or it’s jus a begining of another journey?
im not a religious person, never was. but i think before landing on this planet we had lives , i dont mean as sperms and eggs, but in another world, may be there we did different things and then according to our deeds we get different parents, end of one journey and start of the other, then it’s planet earth, the thing we remember, we live to die. how many times we’ve thought about death? how many times we wished for it? how many times we want it for another guys? (i dont mean wishing someone death cos they hurt you, wishing a dear one death cos you dont want them to suffer more)
then we’re dead and probably starting another journey, to where? i dunno. but there must be places like hell and heaven for the Creator to show us how fair he is. Cos we had many unfair moments in our lives that weren’t a consequence of our own deeds.
supposing hell and heaven exist, then we need salvation, as greedy as we are created we want the best, who really wanna go to hell? so back to salvation, a way to be good to gain better. but where is it?
it’s not so far, jus a few steps, open your eyes, aha that little smile on your lips to ease a child, a little help to that old lady living a few blocks away to carry her shoppings, it’s so near, may be too near to be seen. i dunno why some guys have to go round the world to realize that their treasure was buried at home. foolishly i had to meet death closely several times, drive many people crazy, bring tears to many eyes to realize if i want salvation, it’s around the corner. it’s so simple, just try to be good, do good and DONT BREAK HER HEART AGAIN!
note: im in complete health of mind not at all depressed, nothing bipolar nor ocd, and i think i have the right to write some of my thoughts some times to show i wasnt born a jerkass, education ruined me 🙂



  1. I think you have beautifully written what many of us spend our hours thinking about. I believe there is a ‘hereafter’. Life on a different plane of existance. I think I’ve done it hundreds of times.

    Altruistic people have discovered that the joy in life comes from giving – not taking. I don’t believe the giving has to be financial. It can be the gift of time, a kind word, a helping hand.

  2. i have often had similar thoughts. perhaps this is how we gain importance for life. working for people who suffer from wanting to die i realize when they make it through to a spot where they are not going to hurt themselves they become deeper thinkers. theri soul or their internal thoughts are different. their perspective changes about what life now means. thoughts become more contemplative. it doesn’t necessarily translate into wanting to live but they think differently. people who have suffered turmoil almost always change the way they think about life. perhaps it was never considered before the turmoil occured. having lost my closest two family members in the last year or two my own death is thought about daily. (i think it from grief that i now consider so much.) i go to church but i’m not so sure about heaven or hell. i do know that as i was walking the golf course today i was thanking god for the life that has been provided to me. i certainly haven’t earned what i’ve got and i am very thankful for the opportunity to be living it. can you believe that i rarely miss a sunday at church and i still don’t really believe major premises of my religion.

  3. sandra, eerrr what should i say, you always gimme courage to write my crazy thoughts, thanks.
    johm, yo’re right and im sorry for your lost ones. yes i can believe what you said about going to church and premises. i almost always go to church though im not christian anymore, it’s jus because i have nothing much to do at home and i wanna be with my family 🙂
    btw i had to think a bit not because i wanna die but jus because i was left alone. and i think i have to save for golf lessons so when i walk through the course i can thank god for the things i have, am i right?! eeerrr but that means i have to move to another city cos here’s too cold for grass to grow, i dont wanna move so i’ll thank god later!

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