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some time, some where
walking aimlessly again, how many times should he walk from milk st. to Common, enter his favorite studio 25, order nothing, stare at the happy drunk people and leave?
just another bus, to where? no idea.
down the stairs, 1,2,3…… deeper, darker. standing at the station waiting for the train, to where? who cares!
changing lines with the hope of getting lost, loud music, strangers, lights, darkness, stop, out.
aimless as usual, another ride round the town, seeking for keys, in.
dark & cold as usual, what a place to live, it’s passed midnight, lights on, some one’s yelling again “yo mothafcuker turn that light off”, sitting on the sofa, an open bottle, a burning cigarette, many  open I.E. pages & on again to surf the net & peep into chatrooms…..
4 hours chat, nothing gained, out again, they’re cleaning their bar, “hey, we’re closed”. wtf, jus a quick drink…. no idea when he was back home, clock ringing brutally, shiiittttt late again for morning class.
weekend the same place
a silent river going through an old city, so many wars it witnessed, now another zombie walking by its side, it’s jus another weekend, make-up, booze, smokes, dont remember when where & with whom, headaches, puke, blood, shit & another week to begin…..

another time, another place
coffee, butter, cabbage, carrot, chocolates, washing powder, milk…. all bought.
quick paces leading to a specified place, jus a push and the door’s wide open, some one’s singing somewhere, hot coffee and hot bath, smell of blue berry in the air and piles of small toys here and there….
“Ted watches them laughing at each other’s disguise
then jumps up shouting ‘pumpkin surprise’ ”
end of the story but two little shining eyes are still wide open, not at all trying to pretend she’s asleep, so what’s next?! may be a daddy-ride can help.
the clock strokes 12 times, still everyone’s awake. puter on, checking mails as usual.
lights off, neat warm comfy bed, pillows with the smell of cleanliness, no blood no puke. sometimes wet with her tears, hurt of his endless stupidity. kissing good night & sweet dreams…
no matter who makes it, the next morning breakfast’s ready by 8.
no desperate lonely moment anymore, there’s happiness where ever she step her little feet.
weekend same place
washing, ironing, playing and walking by the river, cold roaring water , giving life to the nature that’s frozen half of the year, witnessing the struggle of humans to survive……
whistle of a far train in my dreams, next station’s not hell anymore, there’s light, there’s hope, there’s life.
a vague picture of a quiet crowded bar with hopeless miserable guys, a clear image of a running lively kid in birch hill.
so far, yet so close. so horrible, yet so lovely. so vague, yet so clear. born, live, die. a repeated cycle in nature, but it’s important how we live, we’re born to love, not to hate, make peace, stop wars……………….
eeerrrrr better stop thinking, gotta take the garbage out, wash the dishes , give a free ride to alex & get outta wife’s sight. i cant believe i made her cry again, jesus, what a jerkass! thanks God for giving her such a big heart to forgive.

challenge of the weekend: bake a cake for alex for stepping on this planet for a year

note: when i was walking home, a frog hit me with a fly & a mosquito ran over me & a pigeon empty its bowles on my head & a brick fell down on my toe (thought houses here are made of wood!!!???) & the story goes on…………..
so i miss my in-laws, my boss’ hell furious at me, my neighbor doesnt wanna see me (as a lucky boy i am, my neighbor is my boss *~*), my granny’s still in hospital & i have reserved a place in sanatarium for next month, sleep tight, im out haunting something………..
ooooppppsss emergency wife shout, babe, im coming, i didnt know our garbage bin loves me that much…..

caution: this post was written last night but im posting it tonight & the only crying human here is me, snifffff, as you can see it’s “birch Hill”, we went there a few days ago jus for fun.



  1. That is beautiful.

  2. red with blushes 🙂

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