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the other day i was thinking about the real identities of my favorite bloggers, surely i dunno them but those who know me can recognize my crap in a second, jus like my cousin. i still wonder how she found here. now it’s wife & cousin, god knows how many other relatives know about here. hope my in-laws never find here cos of the many times i bitched about them (read im gonna bitch…..).
so who’s keith?! well im sure many people know, you jus need to receive my comment once or read the “about” page. yep it’s me. do i like that name?! i dunno, it’s jus fine.
so are you sure you wanna live a day with keith? i can assure you it’s not much interesting.
omg, why am i so sleepy?

my excitement’s over now & i jus realized what a big shit i did last sunday. it was so like hellboy. i jus fucked up. God …….(some omitted verb) my cousin, now i feel like killing her, should she really had to say such things?!?!
aha i was supposed to write about one of my days, which day you wanna hear about?
wont it sounds like happychick if i talk about my friends?!!!!
let’s talk about monday, it was 7th of august, today’s august 8th so what’s the difference?! no idea.
honestly i dunno what am i writing about, i forgot to take my pills this morning.
yesterday i was so happy, feeling like a million bucks ;now reviewing all the news for the umpteenth times, i jus understand the depth of my misery.
let’s talk about monday again. i went to hospital with meg cos my knee hurt like hell (it still does). for some reason that’s hell private, my wife decided to be nice to me for a short while, so she shared her secret. as far as i know husband/wife is someone we hide our secrets from .i was so excited hearing her little secret that i was happy for almost 1.5 days (you saw the happiness, right?!)
the news is………………………………..
really wanna know?????????
you gotta wait……
are you ready?!
close your eyes & make a wish.
did it?! sure?
you’re gonna be dead in a day or two, yohahahahahah! now count till 1546525643641


scroll down?!

ok are you dying to know?!?!?

not yet?!
13, 13th is alex’s birthday, am i prepared?! nahhh
lemme continue
here’s the news……
got it?!
why are you looking at me like that?!?!
hey, what’s in your hand?!?!
omg put that rifle down……….
you missed.
ok the news is…. we’re gonna have another baby in 8 months time,
omg omg aint that too great……
im jus feeliong so so so so so so so so so outta this world
&%%%%%********************#### $$$$$$$
i need a while to recover! 😉



  1. People already guessed your secret, congrats to your baby to come and you becoming father for the second time.

  2. thanks, yeah i jus realized i have no talents in playing “guess what” games, 😦

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