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the other day i was thinking about why i changed my signing name.
“not hellboy anymore”!!!hhhmmm cos i dont feel like being hellboy anymore, im too happy to be a hellboy, i dont want that name. God colored my empty life with so many blessings that i dont wanna act like jerkass anymore.
it’s weird but every night as i close my eyes i pray to Lord to keep my family safe & gimme another day to live, i wanna be the first to say hi to sun the next morning, to see my baby girl smiling, to say ” i love you” once again to my dear wife.
may be it sounds stupid, may be it doesnt sound like me but i love my life. im still as energetic & crazy as i was 10 years ago, but i prefer to use my energy for better things, for better means.
aha there’s something extremely cool & new in my life but im not really ready to share it with everyone, but remind me to tell you in 5-6 months time, hihihhihi

“im a dominant gene live as i die
never say forever cos forever’s a lie
stop that horrible endless sigh
cos you’re the one who’s falling high”



  1. I think it’s great that you have such a wicked outlook on life underneathe that nutty exterior. Long live Hellboy, in our memories, and bring on the not so hellboy, in our future. 🙂 xx

  2. I think even reading your entries I can see that you are much happier, and you can even post pictures properly on WordPress! Good for you to enjoy life with your lovely family. Don’t forget to tell us about the changes…

  3. I knew you weren’t hellboy when you took care of your baby for a week when your wife went on a trip. No hellboy could or would, have done that!

    • not hellboy anymore
    • Posted August 8, 2006 at 2:33 pm
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    happychick:what’s my wicked outlook on life underneath? yes long life hellboy, hope he comes back soon, he’s on a trip to hell , he wanted to meet his dad, Satan.
    cruststation:what’s the realtion between posting pictures & being happy?! i jus use firefox& it’s much better than opera 😉 check next post for the news.
    sandra: so you see my babysitter charachter at that time, hihihihihi, im jus storing some energy, i was thinking of heaven boy but that’s so yucky,yihihihihi!
    me: did i meet my doc? did i take my pills?!?!

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