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6th of august is an imprtant day to me, it’s my sister’s birthday. the sister God forgot to give me.
Happy birthday Rinnie, hope you have a great time.

note: the trip was great, nice climbing blah blah blah, i wrote about it to many friends, im abit tired of it. i realized alex’s a bit heavy specially when she was singing happily moving too much!
i jus cut & paste what i wrote to my friends cos im a bit busy & a lot nervous. my granny’s in hospital & i have this terrible feeling of “what if ……” , not really in the mood.
i’ll try to be a better hellboy later, ooopppps i forgot im not hellboy anymore 😉

about the trip, it was great, climbing a 5400m high peak’s so much fun. it was alex’s first climbing experiment & she really enjoyed it singing most of the way up. (actually if i was in her place i’d be a lot happier, singing non-stop) in our team we were 18 people, 5 women 13 men (alex not counted), we climbed to 4300-4400 meter then put up our tents & slept there, the next day 4 of us (including meg+alex)stayed in the tents, the rest climbed to the peak & then skied the way down, joining the rest before 7 pm.  then we hiked back to our bus, it was passed midnight when we reached there, i love walking in the moonlight, so romantic specially with a sleeping baby on your back, heavy backpack & an aching knee.*~*
we were home round 8 pm on friday. alex’s still happy & wild, running crazily round the livingroom, her mom’s finished washing dirty clothes & me sitting on th sofa with a painful knee that can hardly move praying to Lord to stop my roaming child.
no pics to send cos firstly i forgot to take meg’s camera, secondly carrying alex with so many heavy stuff (tent, sleeping bags, food….) for such a long time, i could hardly breathe let alone having time to shoot pics.
lesson: im not gonna take alex to any mountain higher than 1000 m cos she’s hell naughty & loves tiring her parents.
note: the puking incident happened again, but this time to another person & in another tent, lucky meeeeee!



  1. You are the bravest person I know…taking a baby on a hiking/camping trip. OMG!!

    • not hellboy anymore
    • Posted August 6, 2006 at 11:05 pm
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    no im jus too stupid

  2. A big thanks ..

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