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just close your eyes

listen to the silence inside

no chance to escape

from the one-eyed ogre inside your mind

in the inner part of your soul

im sure there’s a very giant hole

that’s how that ogre found his way in

i told you before but you couldnt see

now there’s no hope

there’s no way back

all doors are shut

but you can still run

fight for your life

with that ogre chasing you

then one day you might realize

you were running in loops

where there’s no begining but an end

i know there’s a cliff in the end

but never had the chance to stand there

now i jus wanna ask you a simple question

“after running all your life,

trying to get rid of that ogre,

what do you feel when falling down

and the truth that the ugly frightening ogre

was jus an image of yourself in a broken mirror?”



  1. thanks so much fo visiting…do come again soon 😀

  2. oh, so that’s what this is all about. you’ve had a realization of sorts huh?! that’s good, for a change! as long as you’re happy it’s always good right?! 😉

  3. Lovely, those pictures are beautiful have a great time!

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