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lotta things went trough my hollow brain in the last few hours, i was hell mad at myself but fortunately contorlled myself not to write a word till im completely calm.
now i dont really know what i wanna write about. i hate being judged by the foolish crap i write, worst than that i hate start to judge myself in a court where im judge & jury & executioner too & surely the con.
though the angry aussie gave lotta rules on different things, he didnt gave any hint on not being a jerkass. so i beter do it myself.
rule #1. all humans are created dumbass, it’s a hidden dominant gene. but it needs a good atmosphere to appear, so you better dont put yourself in such situations
rule #2. dont run & jump & walk on people’s nerves, jus trying to sound nice.
rule #3. get your fucking ass outta places marked “none of your business”
rule #4. mind your own business, can you?
rule #5. dont act like wise guys, people will ask for your help when they really need your advices.
rule #6. dont make an ass of yourself to sound funny or attract attentions.
rule #7. think before opening your mouth, there’s not much use thinking later when you said things you shouldn’t.
rule #8. never offend people & then think of a way to apologize
rule #9. some guys jus inherit genes to be fuckwits (like me), you can never change them.
rule #10. you’re not funny, shut your fucking mouth up.

conclusion: i just cant believe i hurted someone‘s feeling, i didnt really mean it, surely it wasnt my first time & wont be the last. im so sorry to those guys who feel sorta offended by my comments, seems im not funny at all. guess i better shut up my mouth for a while & dont open it till i have something worth hearing. i do appologize again.



  1. Hey Hell Boy – all is forgiven 🙂 Don’t stop talking, don’t stop making the funnies… Please just don’t mention the guns around me – long story that I’m not going to go into. People like you are needed in this world to help us all remember that not everything is serious all of the time and that even when it is, there is a funny side.

  2. thanks but i think it’d better i keep silent a while, lotta things goin round reallity, gotta fix ’em 🙂

  3. I have a hell of a problem with #3 myself. I think I need to put my nose in and fix everything.

  4. you need plastic surgery on your nose then or are you mechanics?

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