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things come & go non-stop, giving me no time to sort ’em out. but wtf i dont care.
so i was outta town for 3 days (that’s my excuse for not blogging), some kinda mission unpossible, doing some shit for the company & makin more bucks; why do i sound like miserly mercenary guys nowadays?!?!
actually i was giving my brain a bit of rest, no crying baby & shouting wife for a few days.
as long as we’ve done a few things & dunno whatelse to do with the rest of summer, me & wife began our fighting sessions, but this time we dont break anything cos it’s not at all economic neither romantic.
back to my runaway, on the way back home i suggested we better hike the way home instead of taking the plane. super genius idea from a dumbass! everyone agreed. it was a cool experience, well cold one cos i had to stand in a river with some fucking cold water for 5 minutes helping others to pass without getting wet & me soaking to death. i love myself when i act like this shitty superbastard responsible guys, uuughhhh.
walk walk walk , then night arrived & we had to camp. me & a few guys put up our tent ( i really enjoy these kinda work) then had dinner all together & others went to sleep, me outside escorting some beetles back to their home cos mr sun was still out & i cant sleep with the lights on.
sometime round 11 i decided i better creep into my sleeping bag, i crawled inside & hell they’d put my bag right beside the only woman we had with us. nice guys, i jus yelled abit but nobody paid any attention so i told myself “wife wouldnt know & it’s jus a night” ( meg’s hell huffy about these kinda things). after a hard try i made myself sleep, but not for long cos sometime round 1 i heard my neighbor calling another bitch sleeping by my side, as far as it looked like a none of my business matter i continued pretending i was asleep, but then i heard a horrible, dreadful, gory, disgusting, ghastly fierce sound of puking, omg not on my sleeping bag. 😯
beep beep beep, bang flat line. Ms neat fussy persnickety emptied all the ingredients of her guts on my beloved sleeping bag in a flash of light. i have 2 other sleeping bags but this one was my warmest newest & the most favorite one.god bless its soul.
me & Ms. nice yada yada yada spent a while cleaning her mess. i spent the rest of night praying to lord mr sun wakes up early but nobody listened.
everyone enjoyed the hike, i was back home with painful legs, blistered feet, sunburned looking like native americans with a stinky shitty nasty yucky sleeping bag & no excuse to make, god i love being a turtle!
i spent the rest of my weekend washing my sleeping bag with bare hands, soap ,washig powder & surely water.(no washing machine idiots!)
im sure i wont suggest things like this in near future.
im waiting miserably for my salary so i can buy something for the wife to end these wars! ( that sentence looked so romantically foolish or foolishly romantic, honestly i want new climbing shoes!)


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