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looking at my life jar, i can proudly say i’ve changed a good deal in the last few months, but there’s one thing i still cant solve & that’s depression. i hate myself those times i drown in my fucking whirlpools of depression, it’s all the same, nothing gained, a lot lost.
me & meg try our best not to fight, well i do whatever i can not to make her angry but hell women always find something to begin a quarrel (looking devilishly innocent).
for a while we were doing fine; though i felt our relation’s way too platonic, i didnt dare to protest (pretending to sound good, so please pretend you believe what im writing). cut the long story short, the other day a friend told me that my wife told his wife (nah it’s not an iq test) im not paying much attention to her, i was like kiss my ass, why she hasnt told me directly!?! that doesnt gimme the right to be mad but as long as im quite a good bitch i was hell furious, as a result i gave myself several days rest away from home.
back home, nothing changed. jus sleeping on the sofa, a few yes & no when necessary & hell let that little thing cry as much as she likes, im not gonna pay any attention to her.
so this afternoon i was sitting on the sofa staring at tv watching nothing, when my little creature appeared infronna my eyes, i love her when she makes her way to where ever she wants on her tiny little feet, jus like marco polo exploring the world. talking a few words in her own language & pointing to her “ted in pumpkin” book, was enough for me to understand what she wants. the next minute she was sitting on my lap, listening to the book i’ve read her more than 100th times.
conclusion: idiot dont make simple things look complicated; you’re a real psycho & you better wash your sick brain.
happy ending: me, meg & alex had our dinner out at subway, Pizza! i hit my head against the wall so everything’s back to normal. guess i have to learn lotta things from alex than teaching her new things. sometimes i love my life look like cheap tv shows i dont watch.




  1. I guess a child can remind us to appreciate the good things in life and to see the reason to love. Every so often, I let life get on top of me wanting to tear my hair out but taking a step back some things (the little things we complain about) doesn’t seem so big any more.

  2. life’s always on top of me, but you’re right. many things aint as big as they look at first sight.

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