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hei im back, a bit busy here & there. praying to lord this month finish asap cos im facing serious financial problems. try to post more later.
today’s chuckle:”Chickens”
One day a State Trooper was pulling off
an expressway near Chicago. When he
turned onto the street at the end of the ramp,
he noticed someone at a chicken place
getting into his car. The driver placed the
bucket of chicken on top of his car, got in
and drove off with the bucket still on top
of his car.

So the trooper decides to pull him over
and perform a community service by giving
the driver his chicken.

So he pulled him over, walked up to the car,
pulled the bucket off the roof and offered it
to the driver. The driver looks at the trooper
and says, “No thanks, I just bought some.”foody.jpg



  1. I am not paying attention to yer posting 😛 just amaze on that angel smile..

  2. thanks, i try not to pay attention to you, yeah that baby’s cute but mine’s a lot better 😆

  3. Is that Alex??? She’s a beauty.

  4. I recognise your table cloth, that is one cute baby!

  5. wrong guess, it’s not alex, yihihihi!

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