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i have many obsessions (phobias not included!), one mentioned before. the second one is making friends, cyber or whatever, i jus like expanding the people i know but i dont like places like myspace, orcut, hi5, friendster,multiply ….., dunno why!
fortunately im not good at keeping friends so wife doesnt have the problem of dealing with ’em. actually i dont care much about ’em (family obsession, or may be narcissism) for example i didnt know my closest buddy had an accident a month ago untill he called, so never count on me as a friend, period.
but about e-friends, e-pals or whatever you call. it’s fine to have many of ’em specially when you’re restless or bored. so i decided to write a default e-mail & send it to whoever i like.
note: levels of friendship:
1. chatroom: hell i dunno this guy
2. chat every now & then: something like knowing a given A.S.L. that has the possibility of 1/4 or to be accurate 1/8 to get the real answer
3. chatting everyday: these guys are as idle as you, wasting too much time by net, not worth caring about
4. guys in e-groups: hhhmmm not too bad, still dunno much friends: they are all within blogs, jus visitors & they jus know as much as reading your posts, most of the times you even dont have their e-mails (thanks wordpress for the e-mail part)
6. e-pals: this group is the best in the net, on a regular basis you can find people trustworthy to share some of your identity (watch serial killers!); or on the other hand lie as much as you like 🙂
7. guys we meet in the street: jus to say hello & this stuff, may be talking about weather
8. cow-orkers or co-workers: the first include idiots, the second hhhmm they’re fine to work with
9. in-laws & other relatives of wife/husband: they suck lovingly (not true about moi, uuggghhhh)
10.friends: hhhmmm these are great to spend a while with, stay in their houses when you have no where to go or dont wanna pay for hotels, going out & sometimes borrowing money
11. your relatives & family: up to you to decide!

jebsus i didnt wanna say these, ok back to my mail, here it is:
dear sir/madam
it was a pleasure you popped out on my screen on (put the date here). as far as my limited knowledge informed me you look like a proper idiot person to keep in touch.
i would be glad if you agree to become my e-pal for (put the length of time).
please feel free to write whatever crap came to your mind.
for additional information please never try to ask my phone number or address.
please answer the below questions so i may know more about you. thanks in advance.
1. age:        sex:          location:
2. are you terrorist?
3. do you know how to make a bomb?
4. do you have gun?
5. have you ever shot someone or killed anyone?
6. have you ever gone to jail?
7. do you want me to give your mirandas?
8. do you suffer from mental disorder/diabetes/cancer/ schizophrenia…..?
9. have you ever been raped/molsted/drugged?
10.  do you drink much or do drugs?
11. do you work? if yes, what is your job? you have university degree?
13. how much do you earn per month?
14. do you own where you live/ you car?
15. how much dough you have in your bank account?
16. are you married?
17. do you have any kids or pets?
18. do you want me to visit you in near future?
19. can you find me a job there?
20.  can you speak English?
21. do you want to share some of your money with me?

some very very very minor questions:
just tell me about:
your favourite color/ meal/sport/ car/ video game/ movie / sexuality & whatever that might interest me, you can talk about your religion if you like.

and the last part:
1. do you agree with same sex marriage?
2. what do you think about global warming?
3. do you watch big brother?
4. liberal or democrat?
after answering all those questions with full details you have to wait for a week so i can decide whether i want you as my e-pal or not.
sincerely yours
for those guys who are dying to be my friend, leave your e-mail address in the comment section. im gonna contact you sooner or later.
or you can visit me at hell.kom!



  1. now THAT is funny.

  2. Sorry, I have dyslexia. It’s mean I cant be yer e-friend. ha ha

  3. sandra, eeeemmmmm seems you want me to send you one of those mails then, you’ll have one soon.
    rinnie, dyslexia?! where do you get it from? you’re so rude, smto! but surely i dont want an e-friend like you, period!

  4. No, I was just joking. I dont dare to put “friends relationship” in jeopardy. That would be the hardest thing that I have to do in this world. hihi..still mad? well gotta send you a cheese cake then..

    BTW, do you know the meaning of dyslexia?

  5. That’s great, seems you have spent a long time putting people into categories. What if I’d answered YES to Q.2,3,4,5,6 and 8? Afraid??

  6. i’d be glad to meet you personally then, im comingggggg

    rinnie, nothing for you!i was kidding d’ahhhh

  7. This is a long message. I probably should have just “blogged” it or something. It is in response to your message. And yes, hangover is the word of the day.

    serious note:
    sorry i didnt have your mail, btw im not gonna say anything important.
    1. your blog’s hell boring, guess you know this
    2. change your template & or the title
    3.aint you tired of so many links?
    4. you write about things that’s hard for people outta States to understand, or simply people who dont watch tv much (like moi)
    5. im blank & bored, dont you wanna write anything
    6. something less illegal, hhhmmm drugs, immigration to mexico or canadah or jus hanging yourself
    7. sorry i was never good at suggesting cos somebody stole my sense of creativity when i was in zoo!

    Corresponding numbers:

    1. Yes it is. It is the same stuff over and over. Maybe I should read a book. But, hey, a lot of blogs are boring.

    2. I can’t, I don’t think. Some person I don’t know took the time to make it and entertain all my dumb questions about it. I am not totally against it though, and the guy might be dead.

    3. Yes, and no. I link to stuff that many people have probably seen already. Several blogs are links alone, but they are highly entertaining and often obscure. I am making a concerted effort to eliminate links.

    4. Where do you live? How am I supposed to relate to stuff out of the states? Here in America we have this thing called “We don’t care about other countries because we are pompous.” Just kidding, but I don’t think I can help you with the worldwide stuff. I agree fully with the TV tripe. I talk way too much about television and pop culture. No one really wants to here opinions about that stuff, especially all the rehashed ones I have. Expect a lot less of that.

    5. Sure

    6. I’ll consider it

    7. Yes, ha

    Now, if I took all of this too seriously: hangover. Thank you for your input.

  8. I tried to post a comment, where did it go?

    Anyway, I agree with your input. Less TV, less links, and more stuff everyone can relate too. So expect it to be way more off the wall and stupid instead of commentary on popular culture. It may still suck.

  9. where the hell are you boy?

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