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this shitty creepy crap walked on my nerves  & didnt lemme sleep! hope you get headaches, cos i have one now 😦

to every begining, there’s end;

to every word, there’s meaning;

to every silence , there’s nuisance;

to every joy, there’s sorrow;

to every success, there’s lose;

to every happiness, there’s depression;

to every unanswered prayer, there’s reason;

to every hope, there’s regret;

to every rise, there’s fall;

to every love, there’s grudge;

to every love, there’s hate;

 to every birth, there’s DEATH;

in this world of likes & dislikes,

in this combination of opposites;

why are you running so fast, careless to everything;

stop a second, look around,

in the fabulous castle of now,

the second you’re in, you’re out;

remember your happy moments & forget your sad times;

try to forgive everyone & forget all bad ones;

but if you cant, dont worry;

just die & join me in HELL




  1. dang! one of those watchamcallits?! anyways, i’m done with these, they don’t affect me one bit! headache?! takes lots of painkillers! 😉

  2. I believe, there’s always reason for everything.

  3. To everything there is a season…….

  4. yeah to all.
    mayang, actually it was alex giving me headaches, kinda restless last night!

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