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alzheimer:degenerative brain disorder that develops in mid to late adulthood. It results in a progressive and irreversible decline in memory and a deterioration of various other cognitive abilities. The disease is characterized by the destruction of nerve cellsand neural connections inthe cerebral cortex of thebrain and by a significant loss of brain mass.
how old is mid adulthood? guess im that old to have alzheimer, i forgot to get my new glasses i ordered over 2 weeks ago, omfg!
not much time for blogging, busy with guests, honestly practicing shooting at moving shits 🙂
song for the weekend: through the glass by s.s.
feeling: bothered through the glass
question for the rest of my life to ponder: why do people think we’re a happily married couple?! aint it too early to judge? would they think the same even if i suffocate my nightmare?!
have a nice weekend, meg’s uncle’s so fucking cool!
note: look at those pics carefully, the first one’s my new glasses & the second one’s my desk, something’s missing there, thefirst correct answer can spend a week in my house 🙂





  1. Humm..I don’t think I can spot what is missing, which is a shame cos’ I kinda like the idea of your house being a hotel (aforementioned). You seem to like Meg’s family, this is a good thing and possibly helps give the impression that your marriage is great-which I’m sure it is 🙂

  2. at 25, alzheimers?! nah! though i’ve thought of that sometimes myself since i tend to forget stuff a lot!

    where’s the pics?! hmmm i take back what i said, maybe you do have it! LoL 😉

  3. Thanks for wishing me luck. That was really sweet. 😀 And just so you feel better, just because you tend to forget things, doesn’t mean you have Alzheimer’s you know. You could just be…a naturally forgetful person. Which might be just as bad, I guess. LOL, sorry, that was supposed to make you feel better. BTW, I looove the animals on your desk! What are they? A moose and a bear? Or is the moose thing a horse? Hehe, whatever. They’re so adorable! 😀

  4. cruststation: though not the correct answer (any answer given?!?) you’re welcome, but like a hotel it’s not free, yohahaha! actually i gave up the idea of being pain in the ass(p.i.a) a while ago (if still look like p.i.a that’s all unintentional), so i get on quite well with any one(jerkass not included)! thanks for the “sure” part anyway!
    pau: thanks dropping, actually i dont have alzheimer nor i am forgetful, there are times we need to forget things, in my case, at that time i was short of money so pretended there’s something wrong with my memory ;)& good guess! that’s a moose, a sign of alaska where i put my watch on it & the other’s ted in pupkin toybook i call it (do we have names for that?!) it’s about ted in pumpkin frightening his friends, i read this book almost everynight for alex, guess she’s bored with this one, gotta get a new book 🙂
    mayang: hhhmmm what to say here?! kick yer server’s ass, nothing wrong with my mind, i posted the pics,that’s your problem not to see ’em! but gonna do it again later for your sake (hope i wont forget!) so dont worry i’ll tell what’s missing after you made your guess hihihihi

  5. The clutter is missing from your desk. Or something else, I can’t remember. 😀

    You forget cause you’ve got a lot on your mind and it doesn’t get processed.

  6. sandra, absolutely right
    you’re our special guest whenever you appear here(after surviving the shooting)

  7. Oh not fair! I wanted to be the special guest 😛

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