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i was thinking the other day about nothing, (never doubt my thinking ability) when outta nowhere my brain switched to wondering about my levels of respect to other people.
honestly i dont respect people as individuals, i dont fucking care about anyone, a respectable person to me is someone with a working brain who has something to say worth wasting time to listen. that’s why i barely attended my classes, the profs always bore me with things i could easily read in books, nothing new, nothing interesting.
the same thing was true about school, i hated my teachers, they seemed so stupid. some ignored my talents ,the others paid too much attention, i dunno why they couldnt make balance.
i have the insatiable desire to attract attention(like other people), but when they start praising me i jus run away, kinda mental disorder, i know.
the second matter to pay attention is how i express my point of view. i guess there’s something wrong about the tone, people jus cant decide whether im serious or joking. if you know me a little it wont be too hard to decide, i love offending others; jus tell ’em what i think, then it’s up to ’em to understand it or not.
i like everything mixed with humor, make it more difficult to decide what i really mean, but that’s fun. honestly there are times i dont know what i really meant, these times are attached with an apology depending on the listener.
but the thing that really make me wonder why some people are so complicated is their reaction. i have more fun in cyber world cos they hardly know me.
personally i dont like commenting on other people’s posts though i read their blogs occasionally. most of the times i dunno what to say that sounds ridiculous,funny & irrelevant, still inoffensive, so i spend more time thinking about what to comment than reading the post itself (yo know it’s not true).
apart from so much energy i waste on commenting, i expect people to get the point.
so the other day i said something not really irrelevant so not really funny & i didnt expect to get any answer with such details. i was really p.o.ed when read the reply.
firstly i thought:” hey dude do yo think im that stupid that cant count or dunno how to find the rest!”
secondly:”omg im not a small kid, i was jus kidding”
now im thinking:” that’s the best way to tell me not to comment cos you’re not funny at all, ok i got it,a bit late but i got it.” on a second thought, may be some people respect others & are really that precise.”
either way, im gonna kick my own ass & remember not to comment like that again 🙂
note: i doubt range read this, but i apologize for my stupidity.
here’s what i was talking about:
1. moi- July 2006
6 other chapters to read?!omfg i felt like starwars or other star things. let’s act like spams, well done ,your site is great ?!? im waiting for yo in hell.kom.
btw i didnt get this part:”Ed. note: Some images of art contained in this post might be unsuitable for younger readers.” can you tell me which one you meant?
2. range – July 11, 2006
For the note, the sexy robots images could be seen by some as too erotic for younger readers. Just a warning, like when I use explicit language, I warn the readers so that they have a choice of skipping it. Since I don’t classify The Memoirs as an adult read, I prefer to warn ahead.
A note on the story. I have written 7 chapters until now, there are a lot more coming up. I have finished 2 more chapters and will continue posting in the coming weeks. I’m going to try to expand this short story into a novella.
Also, the chapters that you see at the bottom are the ones that I have already written, not the upcoming ones. To see them all in chronological order, please visit
Upcoming chapter names will appear as they are written as well.
Thanks for your visit and comments. 1493981681039726531_featuredalbum4201.jpg



  1. well what can i say?! i find your comments a combo of bits of sarcasm, comic relief and somehow refreshing! i dunno for other people but i find your sarcasm quite funny not one bit offending keith! 😉

  2. thanks mayang, yer posts always have something to make fun of, but whatever i say means im hell jealous of your wrting ability! 😆

  3. A guy who speaks with honesty is refreshing, and as I am not the writing type I am impressed by your skills. Carry on and one day you’ll become a novelist or something like that.

  4. yiihhhaaa, do you think like that?! omg, im so flattered, gotta wrtie my first crap book asap!

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