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lately i found some time to think, ponder & conclude what i want from my life , nothing to discuss here cos i spent lotta time discussing it in bed & not sleeping properly.
a few hours ago i was bathing alex (this time i did it willingly) & after a few quiet days, she began singing, jebus, she’s gonna be a great singer but nothing like britney cos she sucks like shit.

listening to slayer for several hours, i feel a bit dizzy with headaches here & there, i better ask alex to sing a bit.
note: never go shopping after watching too many metal music. to my stupidity i went out to buy alex a new pacifier cos she lost the one she had, so i was there in a pharmacy trying to remember why i left home, then i killed my grey cells to remember the name of that thing, hell i knew what i wanted but forgot its name so i tried to describe it.
me:” lady i want one of those little things babies put in their mouth
that lady:”huh?”
me:’ eeemmm i mean that thing they suck on it, it’s made of rubber.
that lady:” i dont get it” (honestly she looked at me in a way saying i was talking about condoms, did i?)
me looking up & down the shelves trying to find what i wanted:” look, it’s this small (using my fingers) & it has holes on it- idiot, surely no condoms have holes!
&&&&&&&&&&& 10 minutes later, i was still in pharmacy
at last i had an idea, i called wife & asked her why i was out, such a simple word, PACIFIER, it wasnt that difficult but sometimes i forget words, guess i have alzheimer, eeeerrr what was i writing about??!
never mind!
am i supposed to write about cooking?! nah, i dont want
so the last thing is about our neighbor, he’s a joiner & now building his own home. im working on the plot of our future home (gonna share it when finished), may be next summer i start building it.
so what about alaska?! hhhmmm nothing to say, the weather’s great, it’s summer & it’s not snowing.
that’s it.
my new quest: write high quality content posts( that’d be a miracle if it happens, lol)



  1. Haha that’s funny, thanks for sharing…it’s not just you that forget words. Actually apart from words I forget other things too like going to a store planning to get something then spending ages trying to remember. Building your own house? That sounds like the coolest thing ever!

  2. There is nothing more beautiful than a baby singing….get your ears checked bubba.

  3. sandra: ears & ass checked, she’s a fine singer but not in early mornings *~*
    crust station:yeah building my own house is cool but guess it’s too hard to finish, i better make an igloo for the start. btw forgetting things is ok but forgetting where/who you are is quite a big trouble 😉

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