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since i was a kid i had this obsession to do things i was told not to do. so my mom used this to make me do things she wanted. now i play the same trick on myself when i have to do things i dont like or things i jus wanna do but not in the mood.
so everytime i have nothing in my mind to blog about i say im gonna quit & surely i wont. well sometimes i really wanna do but cant.
i was thinking of a page to explain why i made this blog, but that’s for the other day.
im back to normal, my mind working the same shit as usual & all senses are working properly.
there are times i dunno why i let my emotions control my so-called brain; yesterday was one of those days.
dont have much time to write, but seeing my little angel around smiling again give me enough shit to move on. actually i dont remember much about what i said in the last few days, im sure i have crossed my lines more than once & hurted lotta people.
it’s now a little operation on her little lung, finished & jus left a little ache in the deepest darkest part of my soul. it’s hard to confess but i couldnt stop the thought of “whatif i lose her”.
im happy she’s still with us, as small as ever she is, as smart as she is & the same pain in the ass as usual. alexis i love yo, never ever do this shit again, i have a weak heart.
on the fun part, i drew another pic, i dunno where the idea came from but it looks quite smart.
you can check here for the story:



  1. Ah yes, rebelliousness! I still have a twinge of that my own self. 😀

  2. ah rebelliousness, my being’s core! 😉

  3. aha, that’s the word, i had problem spelling it 🙂

  4. I hope she’s fine, and getting well.

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