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feel like killing someone, jus a bullet right in the head, painless & fast or maybe in the stomach, 15 minutes to die.
hhhmmm nope i better hang someone, i really wanna hang my bros, they deserve death.
im sure they are one of the worst siblings any one can have & im worst than them!
we’re going for hiking in 36 hours time. till then im sure i have to bury something/someone.
can i bury myself?!?!?
quote of the day:”you shit yer life, struggle, fight & get yerself outta shit, thinking life’s something worth living then you open yer eyes & see someone close to you is standing on the same shit, not learned a lesson, just feeling proud of himself to taste the same shit thinking you were all wrong & something better’s gonna have 3 choices help him or push him to fall deeperor simply shoot him dead”
i wanna hang my lil bro & shoot the elder; im sick of both of ’em.
time to pray to Lord to save my soul, im blessed with shit!
July chuckle
The Catholic Church’s air conditioning broke down,
so they had to hire a man to crawl around in the
ducts and figure out what was wrong. As the man
peeked down through one of the vents in the
sanctuary, he saw little old Mrs. Murphy kneeling
by the altar, apparently saying her rosary. Since
the man was a fundamental Baptist, he thought it’d
be funny to try and mess with the lady’s mind. In
his best authoritative voice, he said, “This is
Jesus. Your prayers will be answered.”

The little old lady didn’t even blink, just kept
on saying her prayers. The man decided maybe she
didn’t hear him, and tried again. “This is Jesus,
the Son of G~d! Your prayers will be answered!”

Again, she didn’t react at all. Mustering up a
big breath of air, the man decided to try again.

The lady looks up and says, “SHUT UP! I’M

HAVE A GREAT TIME ON 4TH OF JULY, but dont feel too much patriotic, amigos!
why am i bombarded with spams?!somebody help moi 😦



  1. i happen to have the seame dilemma with these stupid freakin’ spams! good thing Akismet’s workin’!

    times when you feel like killin’ someone, why not drown yourself in beer?! hehe 😀

    very funny joke, nice fuckin’ one! LoL

  2. Killing is still against the law. Of course in Alaska they may never find the bodies.

    I love the joke too. 😀

  3. hhhmmm so whenever killin become legal, please tell me!
    well even in alaska when the ice & snow melt they can find bodies, not really good idea!

    hey mayang akismet’s doing nothing for me! & i dunno how to swim in beer & i cant drink all of it so i better kill neighbor’s dog!

  4. “i wanna hang my lil bro & shoot the elder; im sick of both of ‘em.”

    tsk tsk, so violent. hehe. sometimes i feel like strangling my brothers too. or at least hit them really, really hard. (which i sometimes do. haha.)

  5. imu e-bro

  6. you sure you got akismet set up properly? It’s pretty close to 100% effective for me.

  7. I love that joke, and this site looks fantastic. It makes my site look like fetish pornography. And not the pleasant kind, if there is any.

  8. i’m already bac k and kickin’ and you’re still out?! hmmm… ❓

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