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definition of in-law:the most irritating person yo can think of that is made to be part of your family by force of law.
facts: the first creature who was made for using in hell after satan was in-laws
what am i?! im an in-law too, sun-outlaw oooppps i meant son-in-law.
purpose of this post: it’s nothing about sleeping or hedge,im trying to make sentences with in-law as much as i can.
question 1: what should you do when a hellboy become your son-in-law?
bullets, rockets, other missles are useless, you better hang yerself
question 2:what would happen if a hellboy becomes your dad-in-law?
what?! how dare yo wanna marry devil’s daughter!
question 3:im blank, boldly blank! eehheemm ehheeemmm
today i reallized i had nothing to worry about, jus work, having my dinner then to bed, life’s so simply boring again. as a result i decided to make fun of somebody, wanna guess? nah!? k, i wanna make fun of myself.
what should i do for that?! nothing jus sending another shitty post, yiiihhhaaaa
im a bit bored, i dunno what’s wrong with me, kinda tired of bloggin i guess. i read lotta new blogs, im kinda tired of reading other people’s journals. im not even in the mood of reading anything good. i better die!
gotta concentrate, i hate myself when i wanna be funny but cant find anything to make fun of!
i jus reallized i didnt(bold-italic-large font) miss my wife as much as i had imagined, she’s back; doing all the housework alone & i jus sit & supervise! it’s a hard time to live!
things to ponder: i was wondering why im trying to show i hate my in-laws, but the fact is they’re one of the best people i’ve ever known. im gonna tell yo why!
Cos im the most disgusting well not the most jus one of the most, son-in-laws in the world. sometimes i wonder how wise God was to match demons with angels so none of ’em defeat the other!
bleep bleep bleep, restarted again, im jus back from the kitchen part of the house, rereading some of the above, wanted to do the backspace process again, but what’s the use of it?!?
i need a while to regain some develish powers; till then yo better keep with this crap or hang yerself!
quote of the day:” i wanna thank yo mom, i wanna thank yo dad, for bring me to this fucking world.” -changed one of M.manson’s songs-
conclusion: i wanna thank my in-laws for tolerating me & letting me be part of their family
confession: though it’s really hard but i gotta confess i have to love my in-laws (do we have wife-in-law too?!) they’re really cool, ready to kick my ass whenever i need it. im sorry for those guys who think i have problem with ’em. im the problem myself! yihihihi
RATING: according to wifenews, this blog is just a sparkle of new literature known as “crapism”. so i name myself the biggest crapist of this planet!
she also claimed that she has no idea how simple i can exaggerate or censor things to give myself self-pleasure!
actually i was thinking of changing hellboy to crapist but then thought may be some idiots imagine it stands for C-rapist, that i dunno what it is either, making my world really complicated!
whatelse?! aha i was wondering why i cant upload a picture in it’s actual size? i dont think it’s anything complicated, maybe it’s cos im using opera?!?!?!? whatever, I.E sucks! cna anyone help me with the picture thing?!
plan: i wanna kill Bill Gates, i really want it, i hate rich people!
lemme see, i wrote lotta crap, i put my quote, conclusion….aha my picture’s missing!
pic chosen! i better go update my zorgplanet now.
Question of the day: which one you prefer, alex or alexis?! it’s my new fighting topic!untitled5.JPG



  1. I use firefox and it works fine. You can upload full images, just before inserting them into the text, deselct the option that says use thumbnail. Instead, the editor will insert the full sized image instead of the thumbail. By default, the WP editor will upload thumbnails.

  2. i gotta get that firething a try!
    thanks im gonna try my best to get rid of the thumbnail , let’s see how dumb i am!

  3. another big thanks yo to range cos no matter how idiot i am, it didnt work, it wanna kick my ass ok, i m ready

  4. yep, let’s see how dumb you can get! hehe 😀

    firefozx really does great for me, esp. w/ uploading images as you can see in my posts. 🙂

  5. hhhmmmm do u have dumbmeter?!

  6. Ok, when you have uploaded the image, click on it once. You will see options available. There are 4 I think, including to delete the image from the server. You can click on using or not using the thumbnail, you can click on inserting a link, to delete and to send it to the editor. If you click on using thumbnail, it will become using full image. You then send it to the editor. Voila.

  7. omg thanks, but yo dont think im disabled or something like that, it jus dont work, like i cant link to any place or change the font or color….
    it jus wanna fuck with me! 🙂
    thanks anyway

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