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mood: high self-censorship
symptoms:spent an hour on a post thinking it’s funny, but it wasnt so i kept my finger on the backspace creature till the screen was clean as shit again
wish: want a whole week to eat, rest, shit & sleep
mental shutdown: wife called me million times, still she had to ask our neighbor to tell me she’s coming home earlier
recent bravest deed: changed alex’s shitty diaper for the nth (n approaches infinity) times & sweared i wont do it again, evenif she kills herself crying
latest surprise: meg arrived 12 hours earlier than i expected
latest shock: she arrived with all my nightmares together
nightmare definition: my in-laws & granny altogether, well she told me; i was jus too silly not to believe.
recent discovery: im losing my bones; in the world of underweight people, losing weight means kinda death, so in the last few days i lost another 1.5+lb (actually it was 1.99999lb) im sure now im losing extra fat stored in my bones or maybe the bones!
feeling: as shitty as anyone can, with my granny here, i jus lack words to express my love to my in-law.
holiday plan: nothing new, as it was planned the rest of bitches are arriving on friday night, making me wonder what a hell my house would be like with people aging from 10 months to +100yr ol (eerrr jus kidding ok the oldest’s 72& surely it’s not me, i jus hatched a few seconds ago :).
im going for a biking hiking trip with my bros & their attached guys, hope my granny enjoy the company of my in-laws, im sure both of ’em can please themselves by bitching about moi.
what’s next: this post is worst than anything i could think of.
needs:lotta vitamins, some super powers & a place to live in for a while, mexico probably
notes:im gonna leave my job & work in a nursery jus to have more smelly diapers everyday
quote of the day:”A narcissist is someone better-looking than you are.” – Gore Vidal , hhhmmm well that’s my reason not to take a look at myself in the mirror 🙂
fact:i hit my head against something i dont remember, but i know im not working properly
& latest activity: im readin a book, something really BS. “….Irish short stories” it’s quite a thick book so i better return it to the library cos i hate being fined!
last word: “dont shit in my pants,im old enough to do it myself.”
conclusion: if yo think im anything sad, annoyed or pissed, yo better get yer mind fixed. im really happy cos the wife (countable noun, but never dare to use it in the plural form!) is back & my family that’d be altogether soon. obviously i love my in-laws ,not yo!
& the last last thing: how could france beat Spain?!? 3-1 omfg!
i forgot another thing, in the previous post i forgot to introduce, mr arctic wolf, yeah it’s not anything ordinary, it’s arctic like me, im an ARCTIC hellboy!251124038004.jpg



  1. last word: “dont shit in my pants,im old enough to do it myself.” Now THAT is funny.

    love the pic!

  2. seems you’ll be busy?! and where’s the pic?!

  3. awww… poor hellboy. In-laws are the single reason I am not getting married

  4. i second that chick! LoL and when i do, hope they’re angels came down from heaven or God-forbid, they’ll see the demon in me! 😉

    nice pic, seems solitary what i really need right now, as in…

  5. Sandra:funny?! i didnt mean to be, i was jus trying to say i shit my pants too ( i learned it from alex!) 🙂
    mayang: not really busy, jus gotta do some exercises to turn this bag of bones &skin aka my body covered with little shiny muscles, then im ready to get lost in wild wild nature (with camping, roads, hotels, shops….)
    btw i was jus wondering if there’s an idiot boy on this planet who wanna marry yo, so dont worry about yer in-laws yohahahaha
    happychick: in my humple(not humble) opinion, marriage is the biggest sin that god would never forgive, but once yo’re sure enough to commit it; in-laws gonna be cant do a shit to stop

  6. ouch! well, there are a few guys out there idiot enough to marry me i guess?! haha whatever! :p

  7. Haha: doing all the housework alone & i jus sit & supervise! (lucky you)

    WordPress is not so friendly on the picture upload thing as Blogger, but you’ll probably never be able to upload a picture in original size as it will take forever and fill your entry screen. Normally I upload a medium size picture then resize it in the entry box. If you need help I could do some screenshots for you one day 😛

  8. mayang: i doubt
    crust…. :lucky me? i killed myself babysitting for a while now im retired!

    & thanks for your suggestion, you’re gonna regret it cos im hell demanding, so wait for it!

  9. Hi, I see so much in your emotions that are so deep, are you anorexic? I do not mean to assume it is only a question I would like to know, I would love to talk to you so mail me or add me to your msn anytime.

  10. hhhmmm i tried to mail you but it said it doesnt exist, how come?

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