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don’t run away
come stay near
take a look here
no monster, just me

the fear inside
the gear outside
it’s a creepy fight
no winner, allright

lost in sanity
useless vanity
it’s crap again
jus rhyming in vein.

i know i have no talent in writing, but i was a bit bored & i like rhyming words.
i was watching “bother” by Stone sour; it’s a good band, specially cos you can find shouting Corey Tylor from slipknot, unmasked singing melodic.(yeah funny) if not tears, there wont be headaches.i!
whatelse? watching news i saw N.Kidman again, this time with K. Urban. i dont fucking care about any of ’em, specially urban cos i dont like his music, not the kinda crap i listen. so why paying attention?! hhmmm i have this terrible habit of tracking famous people with my name; that’s the only reason. till now beside myself & K. Richards (rolling stone’s guitarist) i found no other keith worth caring, yihihihii!
back to the “bother” song, it’s a must be listened at least once, specially when yo feel kinda mentally bruised & battered, like me.
at the moment, i started another battle with the demons & angels, lotta creepy things crawling in my mind, dying to write but have no time, i know when i find the time, either the battle’s over or im way too tired to write.
discovery of the day: this blog sucks, i know blogs are about the part of us hidden under tones of daily shits that’s quite different from what we are, but as far as i reallized my recent posts are far different from what i am; it sucks like hell, maybe it gets better after 28th.
so im working on my first movie “when wednesday comes” starring by moi!
FYI: there’s a movie “when saturday comes” that sean bean played (who’s sean bean?! are yo nuts? yo better watch LOTR then!
quote of the day: i thought of something really thoughtful while bathing but forgot it! hihihihi not too bad for a quote!mech_01.jpg



  1. lol, i love your quote. 😛

  2. quote, what quote?! oh that! haha coolest one by far! haha 😀

    you really are lost in Sanity my man! aren’t all blogs different from what we really are, take for example mine! hehe

    Sean Bean is my ‘kinda man’, sooo sexy with that accent of his and hair to boot! grrrr! 😉

  3. ‘ my recent posts are far different from what i am’

    Back in my drinking days people would say…lets go get drunk and be somebody. My reply ‘why limit yourself….lets get drunk and be EVERYBODY!’

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