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quote of the day:”The weirder you’re going to behave, the more normal you should look. It works in reverse, too. When I see a kid with three or four rings in his nose, I know there is absolutely nothing extraordinary about that person.” – P. J. O’Rourke conclusion: im just lost, jus wanna be myself, nothing weird , right?last night walking down hte stairs i heard something hit against the wall; so i had to turn the lights on. to my surprise there was a little bird (hell i never had the guts to learn names of birds here) sitting by the mirror thinking there’s his/her missing part jus there; i spent a while looking at it.
not at all afraid of me, & it was really cute, i tried to catch it & it jus got closer to the image in the mirror, at last i caught it, too hard to hold cos it was really small. i ran upstairs to show it to alex; she was more than excited killing herself to convince me to let her touch it. the more i held it the louder it shouted, the more excited the little girl became, to end the excitement, i jus opened the window, i let it go & it flew without thinking again of the image there. well it took a while to make alex sleep cos she wanted that cute creature back & longer time to find something to help my itching hand. personally i hate all the birds & cats & animals with fair cos im allergic to all of ’em & the itching can drive me really crazy, but for the girl’s sake it was worth it.
after alex slept i went down the stairs, wishing i could see that little bird again. obviously it didnt come, but i sat there & stared at my own image drowning in another internal battle. as a result i didnt get much sleep last night.
notes: 1. i left the back door open, that was how the little bird popped out.
2. at last it monday again, i hate counting days but this time im really dying for wednsday.
3. demoness was lucky i didnt put her in the garbage can ( im sure they’d return her anyway)
4. i jus wanna sleep & the next time i open my eyes my nightmare’s over. i learned my lessons, it’s so hard to live without my nightmare. hey meg apparently i gotta confess i miss yo badly,im tired of babysitting!untitled4.JPG



  1. What a cute little bird! And what a beautiful thing you did for your baby girl! I’m glad you miss your Meg. Alex needs her Mom AND her Daddy.

    Great post! 😀

  2. funny how little ordinary things, in this case a small bird, can make us happy for a time. and even make us ponder things about ourselves. things work in unknown and weird ways in this world, that’s for sure!

    hey, don’t count the days, it’ll only make the wait longer! 😉

  3. sandra, thanks, im happy yo’re fine. i think alex needs her mom more than me 🙂
    mayang: the world is jus about funny & weird things, they’re there, we jus dont pay attention. btw i cant help myself not to count every sinlge minute, surely makes it longer but i enjoy torturing myself.

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