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Quote of the day:”Doubt is the beginning, not the end, of wisdom.” – George Iles conclusion:im a wise guy, im a wise guy!
i came to earth as my punishment, no doubt; so i had no choice to select where to live, if i had the chance to choose, i’d be a happy negga living in middle east, hhhmmm neggas dont live in middle east, ok what about south africa?
so unluckily i was born in the US of A; so apart from English as my mother tongue (guess it’d change to spanish in near future!) i have to learn spanish, arabic, japanese, vietnamese, some eastern european languages & if lucky inuit to communicate with other people here.
so as the genius boy i am (never doubt it, im warning yo!); i decided to ask for help to clean the mess all over the house i made it all my own with a little help of my demoness.
911?!! hhhmm no i didnt call’em but actually it was wiser to call’em later.
i searched the web, looking for some services here, yep i know what telephone book is but i manage my shit with WWW!
so as easy as it could be i got myself somebody to clean the mess, she was supposed to arrive on 4.30, jebzuz i hate the waiting process, aint i paying yo? would it be so hard to arrive on time? as the devil’s my eternal father, i was burning in flames when she arrived round 5.10, omfg. knock knock, “yomathafuker come in”
she came in but i couldnt help myself not to laugh, she wasnt more than 4′ 8″ (that’s round 142cm for those who dont like our units) originally some fucking ~nese, whachmacallid, hhhmm chinese i suppose, let’s call her ms. hooo, i doubt she was 18, but she said so & hell she almost couldnt talk english, i wondered maybe she knows inuit so i can call a friend for help. nahhhh. lmao!
so i had this young miniature shit infronna my eyes. so where should we start?! hhhmmm let’s do it with the livingroom & kitchen, it took me over 45 minutes to make it clear for her what i wanted.
so i left her with dishes i hadnt washed for several days & piles of clothes to be washed & ironed, i even told her how to use the washing machine, wrote it down which one to press blahblah blah…
& i went to the day care, i was 10 minutes late & the babysitter was hell frustrated (so i had to look as innocent as i could to explain my excuse) then i went to a friend’s house, they have a daughter that loves playing with alex, so i appreciate their help. it was some time after 8 when we were home, i was thinking of a neat house as i opened the door.
breathe deep , deeper, deeper, im not supposed to shout cos it’d make the baby cry …..
nothing wonderful, nothing cleaned, all alex’s toys were on the floor the way we were playing last night, nothing vaccumed, i dunno how i could managed my anger cos most of the time yo can see the flames from miles away!
cut the long story short, this mathafuckin creature didnt know a shit about cleaning, im sure she’d never washed a plate when she was in her own country. blessed as shit, she’d finished jus 1/10th of the dishes, broken my mug (that was kinda dear to me cos it was my first b’day gift from meg & i took it wherever i went), and almost crying cos she didnt know what to do with the washed dishes.(was it my fault she was so tiny?!)
so as a thoughtful dad i am with the creeping crawling creature i have; i had to clean her mess on the floor asap, i told her to collect the bigger pieces till i bring the vaccuum, what she did was staring at me as if i was an alien with 10″ tails (well i have that tail but a few people can see it )
at last the mess was cleared, she was playing with alex using international language to communicate , well poor baby she’s gonna talk chinese first 😦
then i reallized her second mess, i had piles ofsoaking wet clothes infronna my eyes, not too bad, she’d washed my underwear & other stuff with meg’s colored blouses(mostly red, pink,….), omfg, i wouldnt blame her if i gave all of those in the same basket, i put’em in 3 baskets, not too difficult to understand they should be washed seperately. so now i have the most colorful pants in the world (but im not gonna show yo) worst than that she put the only proper shirt i had with all those mess, i was jus lucky she didnt find enough space to put alex’s clothes in.
i was jus wondering what should i say to her that she can understand & make me calm, i was jus thinking of calling her boss & using whatever good words i learned in my teens, at least to calm myself, when outta nowhere this cunt came crying:”serrrr, Du NAT kall mai busss!” omfg, how do yo know what i was thinking about?!
end of story: it was a happy ending, i took that bitch to her working place & shouted as loud as i could releasing all the raoring wrath(they’d call 911 if i stayed an other second), they’re sending another bitch today, to clean all the mess! not too bad, im quite satisfied.
moral of the story: do your own shit yer-fucking-self or tolerate yer shouting wife,she’d be calm in an hour & forgive yo with a bounch of flowers!(see i’ve learned my lessons!)
ok time for bath, i wanna use my cool pants then go out & show it to all my neighbors (FYI: my boss lives right behind our house,so im thinking of a promotion)
have a nice weekend, i gotta think how could that cunt be alive, guess she had some overpowerful gods protecting her!
wife’s be back in 4 days time, to survive or not to survive, that’s the question!
UPDATE: the house is clean as shit, im proud of myself!
2. to kill or not to kill, that’s the question, the answer’s up to demoness!



  1. My God, that is like a nightmare. I woulda killed somebody!

  2. i know i was so good, im still wondering how could that happened, it’s a mystery i was so innocent & didnt act like shit

  3. why do we always surprise ourselves?! hehe 😀

  4. hhhhmmmm no idea?! 😉

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