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quote of the day:There are more chickens than people in the world.So im goin out for BBq!
recently im in such a status of mind that i call it,shitty-creepy-blankness.
well may be it seems nothing new to you, i’ve been lacking for a while, i know. but now it’s really worst. wish i could go to a doc(of any kind) but im sure they’ve never heard of my sickness; well not their fault, no human beings catch this,(it’s jus for evilish creatures!).
i feel kinda dead, kinda lost. i hate sitting somewhere wasting my time doing nothing, i love every thing hectic, make yo go nuts, no time to scratch yer head. that’s why i always do my work the last minute but hand still on time. i love the feeling of being chased by a time demon, running & running & running.
in fact there are times i enjoy sitting on my chair listening to music & drown in my thoughts. but whenever i get this “shitty-creepy-blankness”, im dead. i sit, listen to music but have nowhere to drown in. jus as blank as hell, nothing new to do, to say, to make & i hate myself for that.
may be there are many times i have nothing new to write, but i can ensure yo i have said or made a new shit that day.
now im blank, blank as hell, it’s jus a feeling of emptiness , restlessly doing nothing that could satisfy my thirsty soul.
jebus i cant write anything worth reading. lemme think…..
aha let’s write about my recent discoveries:
your life is fascinating when:
1. you’re bathing yer baby demon & suddenly yo hear a bang from the lightbulb & then the place is as dark as hell, dont forget that the baby started crying & yo dont have any extra lamp & nobodyelse’s at home
2. yer in-law calls & says she wont come cos she’s really sick, yo cheer first but as soon as yo see the little demon yo start crying
3. yo go to supermarket, spend a long time to remember & find what yo need (cos there’s no shopping list) the demoness shout as loud as she wants, at last when the cashier asks for the money yo realize yo left yer wallet at home
4.yer puter keeps on restarting so yo decide to install a new windows, after 2 hours yer puter’s cool again with whatever program yo wanted, yo restart it again & hell in 5 minutes time it goes back the restarting procedure, the next day yo install another windows, the same shit happens, yo use whatever anti-virus yo have,nothing happens, yo examine yer hardware, nothing there.
on day three yo accidentally bump into something new, hell yo there, freeze! yo format whatever yo have (well almost whatever) -this is really depressing cos it’s a life time, i have 120Gb hard disk, guess yo can think how depressing it is to format all those life time collection by yer own. im doing fine with my new windows, fuck microsoft anyway!
5. yo reallize yo miss yer spouse somehow, actually yo have no one to quarrel with discover one of the greatest gifts god gave yo is being a male-creature; the job of being mom is disgusting & the money’s not worth it (guess nobody gonna pay yo for being a mom!)
7. you cant load the post page of wordpress by I.E. & when yo do it with Opera it says it’s not supported by yer server, WTF!
jebzuz, im feeling a lot better, let’s get ready for match of US v Ghana!
PS im gonna be dead till next wednsday, the only woman on this planet who can make me cry is demoness( well her mom’s not counted); so im selling a baby. any one want a baby girl for a week, she’s so cute, so lovely so genious, so PAIN IN THE ASS!
PPS one day i was a bad boy in hell so mr. satan decided to punish moi, as a result he sent me to earth to live like humans for a while, apart missing home so much & hating the cold weather, he didnt warned me i shouldnt do the heavenly act of marriage!
im done, gotta make breakfast for alex 😉



  1. ‘the job of being mom is disgusting & the money’s not worth it ‘.

    You know if it was about the money, none of you little bastages woulda lived. 😀

  2. 😦

  3. ha.. ha.. a baby seller!!!!

  4. aha at last yo did it!
    yes, want a baby?
    it’s free

  5. Nope!!
    I dont want yer baby.
    I want my own baby… (^_^)

  6. Haha, you finally realise that your spouse is precious and that her job is difficult. And I heard you were considering a second one? 🙂 yes I hate computers when they break down, takes forever to figure out what is wrong with it (I guess like when a baby cries you just wonder why??)

  7. i can only say, ‘told yah so!’ hehe 😉

  8. cruststation: who said i found out how precious the spouse is, she’s jus the best pain in the ass in my world & i prefer to spend hours with shitty puter than a minute with a crying baby!
    mayang: hhhmmm told me what? i have alzheimer!

  9. You must be a pain in the ass also as she left the little one in your care and took off for a few days. 😀

  10. yes im a pain in the ass but she didnt leave for that reason 🙂

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