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yesterday wife flew to boston & wont be around till next wednesday.
baby devil’s asleep now & im kinda bored-lonely (shit it sucks).
my be-loved mom-in-law gonna arrive this mornig so if you didnt hear of me again; dont waste much time thinking what happend, it’s america, it’s alaska, it’s hunting season & many flying bullets moving aimlessly in the air!
God protect me from all unregistered demons (im a registered one!)

“Smart Blondes?”

A truck driver was tooling down the highway one afternoon and heard a “pop.” Thinking that perhaps he had blown a tire, he steered
the rig onto the shoulder and walked back to check his tires.
He found a bottle laying in the gutter. He picked it up and wiped off the label to see what kind of bottle it was when a very old genie popped out.
The genie said, “Man, I’m too old for this! You get one wish–not three–just one.”
The driver thought long and hard, and finally said, “It would be really nice for all the bridges to be wide enough that over-sized loads could
get through without any trouble.”

The genie said, “Do you know how many bridges that would be?! Can’t you come up with something simpler?”
The driver replied, “How about if you make all the blondes as smart as brunettes?”
The genie shook his head vigorously and answered, “How wide would you like those bridges?”



  1. killing in-laws is still against the law. that is why the evil one-0-one is still alive.

    cute joke.

  2. really? i didnt know, btw she hasnt come yet 🙂

  3. There is a God and he loves you. 😀

  4. a loving God is the only thing i do believe

  5. good for you then, at least it feels good to know you still believe in sumthin’! LoL 😉

  6. good for others i believe in something, no advantage for moi 🙂

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