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im enjoying my weekend, & it’s gettin really hot here (round 70 *~*)
quote of the day by moi:”burn yer lunch to make a romantic moment”
So let me heal
So let me feel
So let me kill this need
Let me bleed
Let it feed
Let it plant its seed
Let it shout its greed
Starving to death
Huntin to get
burnin to death
turning to dirt
it feeds me in
hurts me within
holds me tight
makes me hot
so let me be what I’m inside
smell the flesh taste the blood



  1. Happy Fathers Day!

    70 degrees….oh honey – use sun screen. (sarcasm dripping)

    You’re a sick puppy. 😀

  2. thanks
    im flattered
    but im anything than puppy

  3. Sunny at last? wow…unusal there. Hope you had a good Father’s Day.

  4. yeah it’s sunny all day(24 hours almost)
    & the father’s day was great cos it was my first time 🙂

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