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jus cant sleep, my little demon took whatever strength left in my body, hell i hadnt noticed she’s this heavy. her mom’s out on duty & so im alone with this sleeping demon, wish i could sleep like her.
to stop acting like shit & complaining about how life sucks that obviously is an old story & nobody wanna hear it again, i dig through my mailbox & find this, it’s sorta funny, im done!

A man died and went to straight down to hell. The devil greeted him and gave him a guided tour of the place. He told the man that there were three rooms he could chose from in which to spend eternity.
The first room was full of flames so hot the man couldn’t even breathe. He told the devil that there was no way he was choosing that room. So they moved on.
The next room they came to was full of people who were being beaten and tortured. It looked so painful the man could not watch. He told the devil he definitely didn’t want that room, and they moved on.
The last room they came to was full of people who were just sitting around drinking coffee and relaxing. The only thing was that they were standing around in about two feet of poop. The man looked for a while and then told the devil this room would be all right.
The devil gestured for him to sit down and the man took a seat. He did, sipped his coffee and felt really pleased with his choice. After a few minutes, a voice came over the loudspeaker and said, “Break time is over! Back on your heads!” (yihihihi)



  1. Duuuude, it’s getting tough when your baby feels heavy. Hang in there!

  2. how long should i hang here, poor girl, im a pain in the ass from early age!

  3. You gotta hang in there forever. That is the price you pay for your raising. 😀

  4. hang in there forever?!?! 😦 i dont like it, i wanna quit! 😉

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