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just imagine one day you wake up and discover:
1. you have two shiny little horn on yer head
2. you woke up earlier than sun
3. your breakfast is ready and you dont have to bother yourself with cooking & burning yerself
4. you got a letter from an unknown friend saying all your debts were paid
5.goverment has discovered you’re mexican so you dont have to pay tax anymore
6. everything is free cos you’re so special(well im special anyway)
7. you find yer 10 months ol baby talking, walking & doing everything she likes without asking for your help
8. you live in alaska but there are lotta trees & lotta zebras
9. there’s a spaceship waiting outside your door to take you wherever you like
10. you dont have to go to work, they pay you anyway
11.your in-law appears outta nowhere and say:”at your service, sir”
12. you can talk any language you want but you have to go to English classes 😦
13. your brother gives you a hen laying golden eggs (where’s Jack?)
14. you’re the hottest guy on the planet (well this was obvious from all the smoke around yo)
15. your wife’s mouth is shut, zipped & sealed whenever you ask
16. you can dive in yer pool of wine (hell do i know how to swim?)
17. your socks are all washed & put in your drawer so you dont have to look for a pair in the fridge
18. there’s a big welcome sign outta yer house (well better say yer palace) saying” welcome to Heaven Hell”
19. hhhmmm im blank again, guess it’s enough for the begining of the era of “not being shit for a while”
notes:1. congrats to all English guys & England fans; match report: England 2-Trinidad 0, God save the queen!
2. i went to work again & now im feeling alot better
conclusion: shit rocks,hellboy sucks! thanks for tolerating moi!



  1. Hehehe… This is good. Maybe one day I’ll visit you in Alaska and bring along a zebra for comfort. 🙂

  2. hhhmmm a good offer, but i wont let yo in, jus receive the zebra & send yo back to kangaroo land

  3. I choose #10 hihi..

  4. I choose #10

  5. 9. there’s a spaceship waiting outside your door to take you wherever you like

    The spaceship left me here cause I was not longer welcome in outter space. 😀

  6. *no

  7. rinnie=> in yer dreams, btw dont worry about yer comments, im gonna check ’em anyway!
    sandra=>the spaceship left yo cos we(hellboy Co.) are not servicing texas anymore, it’s too hot! btw what’s that “*no” for?!

  8. a word with * before it means that it was either misspelled or misused in the prior post. 😀

    #7 Gotta wait about 7 more years for that one buddy. I loved it when my kids reached the age when they were too old to cry about every little thing. Could do a few things for themselves. Too young to ask for the car!

  9. I like the #4,5,6,10 all the free money stuff 🙂

  10. same as me 🙂

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