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recently im in the mood of censoring my thoughts, the main reason's i asked meg to read my blog (this was really stupid!) & she checking my blog almost everyday, i gotta filter & censor what i wanna write in order not to start a new fight., meg in the neck, get outta my sight!

i dunno what's editing, i never edit or read what i typed in my posts, that's why yo can see lotta mistakes, as far as i dont like editing, i simply dont write, so im mentally censored, it's not the same as feeling blue or being mentally raped, it's jus the mood of thinking a bit!

apart from that i rejoined my family last saturday, stay out another night with the daughter of our friend in our tent cos she thought our tent was a lot better than theirs, hell we didnt have much free space & i barely sleep cos of her endless moves & kicks!

the next day we went collecting eggs, it was so much fun, im enjoying my new life.

then when got home we bought a cake for alex, celebrating her 10th month of her life. thanks to my beloved girl, she dived into her cake & ruined everything, makin us feel ashamed infronna our guests. but it was funny, i think she's jus a little naughty but her mom was really mad at her, shouting at her, this little demon hide her face using my new jacket. she jus needed a kick ass but she's jus too small!she's gonna kill us to grow.

i wanted to put the pic of the eggs we found here but i dunno what a hell's wrong with my blog it simply dont upload pics, never mind!

the match report : america v czech 0-3 (US sucks)

& the last part is about my vlog, hhhhmmm it was a crazy idea, im a quiet shy guy that you can barely here my voice, vlog means i have to talk for total stranges, geee that's terrible. i better do something else!



  1. haha cute baby, can imagine her diving into the cake! very adorable! 😀

  2. What’s with you and chick? both of you showing your blogs to significant other people???

    Babies are supposed to dive into cake and make a mess. That is what they do best.

  3. i dunno what’s wrong with chick, but i did it first! 🙂 & im mentally ill!
    babies rock but moms suck!

  4. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  5. you don’t agree with what? censoring myself? im not doing it anymore cos i got rid of her!

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