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today's one of those days of mental shut down, i dunno why i cant think of anything, click click, press buttons then i put my finger on delete or backspace & the page's blank again.

lemme restart, jesus, a new error, something missing.

"error number 16561356:some part of your brain's rotton, open the window and jump out of it!"

let's do some foolish thing, how about hitting my head against the wall, hhhmmm nope, guess that ruins the building.

let's steal something from somewhere; this is from my mailbox, actually i sent it to a friend for fun, but some parts are in 'none of yer bussiness' category & im in the mood of self-censorship so again, my finger's on delete.


question number one: what was the name of 13th US president?hhhmmm i was fired from school so i dunno, but im sure it wasnt moi!

question number two: how many legs does a cockroach have?what's cockroach? i dont like 'em i always scream whenever i see one

question number three: what did i have for lunch yesterday?did i have anything for lunch, i doubt! if i had it was another fishy thing!

question number four: what do you say to an elephant in dressing gown? oh this one's easy, good night

question number five: what do i have on my left ring finger?is this an IQ test? lemme cheat a bit, hhhmmm nothing, of course.

question number six: censored!!?

question number seven: what do i like about alex?nothing, she's a devil, ever doubt it? (what do you call the baby of a hellboy & a witch?)

question number eight: am i nuts?surely not! not yet proved?

question number nine: why do you talk too much?i dunno, jus zip yer mouth

question number ten: censored!

question number eleven: if you could ask a fairy-godmother for a wish, what would you ask?that's yer wish, not mine! but if it was mine, i would ask for a ticket to hell, i wanna go home.

question number twelve: why am i nosey? am i really nosey? what a silly question, no im not,i jus have several noses. so why are yo so nosey

question number thirteen: why do you wanna go on reading this crap?personally i have no idea, but thanks anyway. i better go to bed & sleep. or hit my head against the wall

note:1. i know this was a real crap, but i shutdown my brain so yo cant complain!

2. i want a vlog too!

3. what happened to argentina, i didnt watch the match.



  1. i wanna vlog too! I think you should be the next to try it Keith. mmmmmkay?

  2. yo better start it yerself, i wascrazy at that time

  3. a vlog?! not ready yet to show my face to the world! hehe but you guys shld. try it and i’d definitely be one of the first ones to look out and watch it. 😀

  4. dont wait for me to start it, im an ogre!

  5. an ogre?! ain’t you adorable then?! i love gore and horror so there’s no problem. besides you’re a hellboy, it’s expected of yah! hehe 😉

  6. yeah adorable like shit, at the moment this pain’s killing me, i better get ready for work 😦

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