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5 yr. old Avalon Lackey and her brother Timmy Robb of Bethel came down to the river last week to help catch smelt at the seawall. Many residents were dipnetting the delicious fish, enjoying the spring harvest
ps: why do you think there’s nothing important happen here!



  1. that’s news there in Bethel?! no wonder you’re always cranky and hellish! can’t blame yah! sucks BIG time! 😀

    NTS: if news gets this boring in my place, i jst better kill myself!

  2. you have a very shitty blog, all crap & you’re not funny. yo better cover your head with mud

  3. mayang: whenever yo felt yer life is terrible think of bethel & moi!

    meg: im gonna fuck yo in the head later!

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