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when the moon is full, lotta demonic foul structures appear & then vanish by the next day.

weregirl is one of 'em; in full moon i have to hide from all other beasts, run away to nowhere land, so nobody can see me; i turn to the most disgusting thing on earth, weregirl!


note for 8 am friday 9th: yippee soccer world cup, anyone wanna join me watching the matches?! what? i have to work? omg, gotta think of an excuse for friday morning!

warning: you're not expecting me to support US of A, are yo? if yo do, yo better wash yer brain, i never support losers!



  1. Excuse me twit! I am from US of A and I am NOT a LOSER! I don’t play soccer either so I don’t give a shit about the cup.

  2. thanks! so where am i from?!

  3. BFE! On the upper side of no-fuckin-where! Where the sun shines and it still freezes your buttocks off!

  4. thanks again

  5. Whats a weregirl? ah, the confusion- here I was under the impression you were a man…

  6. hihihihi, now that’s funny, the hint is, “check werewolf”; btw lotta people think the same as you, im almost convinced im a man, hhhmmm some say they have proofs (im not gonna show yo!) but as far as i know there’s no hellgirl so hellboys dont have gender!

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