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though ordinary people think hellboys aint vulnerable by the beast number, the date 6.6.6. was a real hell for 'em or for me.

on this day people thought i look so freaking handsome, sweet,….. (uggghhh im not exaggerating this time, they had this wrong thought) cos

1. i had two weeks of restless nights

2. i only had 2.5 hours sleep(on 6.6.6) & worked on piles of undone work from 12.30 am till 8am

3. poured milk in a glass half full of water (omg im talking about the half full part, guess im insane!) & wondered why the milk tasted like hell

4. had no time for breakfast, morning shower & shaving 😦

5. arrived jus on time for the meeting (omfg, why i arrived on time? didnt i schedule my time in a way so i'd be late at least half an hour!)

6. wife kissed me goodbye (another strange thing) thinking i look sweet!?! uugghhh-dont we have puking face in wordpress?!-

7. boss was fucking satisfied with my work, so disgusting, i satisfied some one's needs, hell gotta hang myself

8. some cow-orkers said i looked handsome with that terrorist face, did i?! i thought im fucking frightening & hate i dont need flirts!

9. had chips & orange juice for lunch (yeah this one was perfect)

10. met barber & nentist on the same day

11. filled another tooth, im thinking of dentures in 10 years time

12. at last got my wooly hair cut, i did look like merinos, well sorry mr merino, i didnt mean insulting yo!

13. im dying for sleep, i look great with red eyes, someone gimme a virtual pillow; i have lotta work to do

thing to ponder:

1.the similiarities & differences between dentists(pronounced nentists) & barbers

2.the similiarities & differences between me & eminem

fact file

looking at myself in the mirror, i discovered im a girl!

fYI: hellboys cant see themselves in mirror cos 1. it breaks into pieces 2. they have no shadow & reflection 3. there are lotta hellboys on earth but people dont know their real names, so they call'em "nemesis"



  1. first thing: milk in a glass ‘half full’ of water (at least you remain positive).
    second: your boss is satisfied with your work and you look great, what more could you ask for?
    lastly: you discovered you’re a girl? are you insane?

  2. So you spent the whole day lookin like hell? Why am I not surprised?

  3. #13 im dyin for sleep. Me too hell boy. I’m old and look like shit with red eyes. My head feels like a basket ball. I feel like the morning after…..and there was NO night before.

  4. i’m 26 i sleep barely 4 hrs everyday and i have eyebags the size of texas and i feel like all of what you’re feelin’ Sandra!

  5. mr angry: hhhhmmm cos i was supposed to look like that, burning flames, blah blah, nothing surprising, want something surprising?! well, i thought of hanging tp by the entrance door so not to teach newcomers how to use it in my favorite place aka bathroom!
    cruststation: there’s nothing worst than being positive, looking great & satisfying people in a life of a hellboy & i turn to girl when the moon is full, ever heard of weregirl? im insane, doubt it?!
    mayang+sandra: meet both of yo in hell in sleepless section!

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