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this post is for 06.06.06, though i do it on 5th, yo better read it on 6th, well in most places it's 6th june now.

today was jus another blank day, im not saying it was a bad day cos it wasnt; the fact is im not in the mood, satanic curse maybe, lack of words, lack of thoughts, lack of anything.

so lemme bore yo with some boring news:

1. one of my friends got married last friday, making me wonder there's a hidden hex somewhere in bethel, why so many people get married as we moved to bethel? all gone nuts, i think! btw congrats john for your stupid deed! gotta express my deepest sorrow & sympathy for the loss of yer freedom.

2. my idiot bro at last got engaged, it's a surprise cos i was sure he was married to his job, apparently i was wrong. so im waiting for another trip to NYC, guess the girl's name was something like Godzilla. 😉 my senses tell me alex gonna get married earlier than her uncle, remember i told yo once! or maybe he doesnt wanna invite me to his wedding?!!? hhhmmm then i'd be there in a second with bazooka, dont forget i have invisible devilish powers!

3. last not least; me & wife celebrated 2nd month of our married life in Subway, not too romantic of course cos we're not that kinda couple, but i can tell yo there was mud all over my jeans when got home in the afternoon,, go figure what we did!

some extra reading:Mysterious numbers and divisions (such as 7, 3, 12) recur and are part of the theme of assurance, because God has numbers intheir order as a sign of his plan of salvation, turning chaos to orderly cosmos. The mysterious name of the first beast, 666, in 13:18, can be calculated by “gematria,” assigning their numerical values to letters of the word and summing them up. The most adequate solution is Nero (the numerical value of the Hebrew letters for Caesar Neron equals 666), a demonic Nero redivivus (revived), who returns from the dead as Antichrist. Astronomy and astrology have also been applied to Revelation in terms of the signs of the zodiac or a calendar of feasts and seasons as keys to understanding its structure, because it is God who orders the times and seasons.

update: i was sent for a mission to get rid of the garbage, so when i was back the clock stroke 12 times, yippeee it's 6th! im gonna eat yo alive, eeerrr not now i jus brushed my teeth after finishing my glass of blood.



  1. Haha I like this one, ‘congrats john for your stupid deed! gotta express my deepest sorrow & sympathy for the loss of yer freedom.’ haha ….come on more details on the getting mud on the jeans 🙂

  2. People get married when they go to Bethel cause they figure their life is over anyway???

  3. babelfish=> what’s funny about telling the truth, is there any difference between a slave & a husband? (hhhmmm another post lol) & the mud was jus because i was accidentally pushed, again accidentally fell & all accidentally land on a muddy ground; i was wondering if there’s insurance against accidental pushes!?!
    sandra=> wrong guess; none of the people recently married from my family or friends live in bethel & here’s not the end of the world though my life is over any way cos according to yo, people get married when their life is over. 😛
    but im sure there’s something wrong with this land, so many incidents happen here, do you know why our dinner burned? curse of Captain Hook or something like that i guess.

  4. yeah right! blam your burned dinner on a long-dead fictional pirate! 😉

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