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my dear sister send me this cos she thought it'd make me feel better & indeed it worked,(thank Rinnie) i wanted to send it back to her but thought may be it can help others as well, too cliche' i know. but it's fun to read it one more time, the parts in parenthesis are added by moi! 🙂

If u loved her

  • Leave her cute text messages. (she'd curse or make fun of me when got home!)
  • Kiss her in front of your friends.(then others would think we have serious problems or live in neverland)
  • Trust her over everyone else.(that means deceiving myself)
  • Tell her she looks beautiful.(though sometimes she is, still it's a lie; specially when it takes 1 hour to get ready)
  • Look her in the eye when you talk to her.(that make me nervous & angry & sometimes i cant help myself not to laugh even if im fucking serious)
  • Tell her stupid jokes to make her laugh. (that's the only thing i do, talking crap)
  • Let her mess with your hair.(it's messy all the time, i dont have a comb, no need for help her to make me look worst)
  • Mess with HER hair.( i dont like moving my fingers through some one's hair specially when it's greasy)
  • Just walk around with her.(not in a million years, i only walk with the girl, well she hangs from moi!)
  • Include her in most things you do.(that's horrible, btw i asked her to join some online games, she refused!)
  • When she cries do whatever to make her smile.(im not a clown, btw when she cries it means im outta my mind again aka not taking my pills HiX3)
  • Forgive her for her mistakes.(i do if she does the same)
  • Look at her like she's the only girl you see.(unpossible, i jus enjoy looking at the girl, her mom makes me puke)
  • Tickle her even if she says stop.(she's gonna tickle me back & hell i hate it)
  • Hold her hand even when you are around your friends.(that's foolish, im not gonna lose her, she'd be home for sleep)
  • When she starts swearing at you tell her you love her.(another big lie, how can i love her when she acts like shit?!)
  • Let her fall asleep in your arms.(jesus,then why i paid for such a big bed ?!)
  • Get her mad, then kiss her.(i make her mad every second but no kissing cos im not a kissing machine d'ahhhh)
  • Tease her and let her tease you back.(are we nuts?!)
  • Stay up with her all night when she's sick.(it's her job, not mine!)
  • Watch her favorite movie.(i try not to let her get control over remote control, it's my last sign of manhood!)
  • Kiss her forehead (nope , she doesnt like it)
  • Give her the world.(i can give her a word, world's way too big for her!)
  • WRiTE HER LETTERS.(im not a typing machine!)
  • Let her wear your clothes.(she wears my clothes?! there must be something really wrong with yer mind!)
  • When she's sad, hang out with her.(no way, that makes me feel blue too; btw the reason she's sad is me so i better get outta her sight!)
  • Let her know she is important.( why should i do something unreal?)
  • Let her take all the photos of you whenever she wants. (we dont like people in our photoes)
  • Kiss her in the rain.(we jus have snow so im not gonna kiss her, it's so wet)
  • And when you fall in love with her, tell her. ( i once thought that way & told her , then we got married &my nightmare came true *~*)
  • And when you do tell her.. Love her like you never loved before. ( i dont remember if i ever loved her!)
  • you know it's not really like this :)d



  1. I am sure there are half-truths in there somewhere 🙂

  2. that is cute!
    “Look at her like she’s the only girl you see.(unpossible, i jus enjoy looking at the girl, her mom makes me puke) ” THIS IS MY FAV.!

  3. LoL the additions you made makes this post more ‘YOU’! 😀

  4. more interesting than the one before

  5. hihihiih to all,
    yo see that shit cos me & meg made peace for a while
    thnaks anyway!

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